How to Keep Sore Hips and Shoulders From Ruining Your Deadlift

How to Keep Sore Hips and Shoulders from Ruining Your Deadlift

Take care of your body outside of the gym. Lifting weights can be hard on your body. To get through a heavy lifting routine without injuring yourself, it’s important to modify your technique at times. Here are some tips on how to keep sore hips and shoulders from ruining your deadlift.

The Deadlift

A weightlifter commonly does the deadlift exercise by lifting a loaded barbell or bar from the ground to hip level. The weight is lowered back to the ground once the torso is perpendicular to the floor. The deadlift is one of the three powerlifting exercises. The others are the squat and bench press. It is an extremely effective full-body exercise that must be done properly to avoid injury. 

Furthermore, the deadlift is called a deadlift because the lifter picks up dead weight. This means weight without momentum because you pick up the bar from the ground without any prior movement. Very few weight training exercises begin with dead weight. Most exercises involve an eccentric (lowering) and concentric (lifting) component. During an exercise’s eccentric phase, some energy is stored as potential energy in the stretched muscles and tendons. It helps bring the weight back through the concentric movement. 

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Safe and Effective Deadlifting

The hips and shoulders are essential for safe and effective deadlifting. This article will share some videos from a program that focuses on the hips and shoulders. 

It’s awesome to see two of the best in the fitness business who are incredibly good at what they do come together to share cutting-edge information on what they do best. They show real-time breakdowns of the processes they use to train everyone, from professional athletes to weekend warriors and even down to surgical recovery clients and everyone in between.

Here are some clips from Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint, the new video series from Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset.


Pull-up Progression

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

This information outlines volume progressions, context drills, tension development, and a solid template that you can plug and play to help your clients and even yourself hit a new chin-up personal best.

Have you ever had trouble squatting or deadlifting with both feet pointing in the same direction? It could be a muscle issue, maybe flexibility, or maybe the fact that your hips aren’t even the same shape or point in the same direction.

Hip Integration

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In this video, you will understand why our hips are very different, and forcing a symmetrical position or setup on them could be causing imbalances through the legs and hips.

How do you build a strong deadlift? What training techniques work and what doesn’t work? Then, if done right, there are many benefits you will reap when you deadlift.


CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Get to know the step-by-step basics of deadlifting the proper way and solutions for common mistakes to ensure safety and that you are getting the most benefit from this awesome exercise.

Do you experience pain when lifting weights or after pressing or pull-ups?

Scapular Motion

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This video will show you tips and tricks on developing shoulder stability while maintaining full mobility to maximize function and performance and prevent injury.

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