How to Lose Weight While On Holidays

Are you planning to go on holidays?

Are you on holidays right now for 4th of July weekend?

Today I have an article to help you lose weight while on holidays.


Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey Richard Goodpasture here from Staying on Track While Traveling. I wanted to take some time and share some simple, helpful tips to keep in mind during vacation season.

Have you ever gone out of town only to come home finding yourself feeling like, “I should have never taken that trip”?

I know I have. Not only feeling the pressure from being out of the office for a week but feeling like I have a full blown food coma.

Well, I’m here to tell you…you don’t have to do that anymore! You can go away for a weekend or take a 2 week cruise, enjoy the entire trip and even return home feeling as good as you did when you left…possibly better.

It’s simple. Just because you are traveling, regardless whether you are on a business trip or vacation doesn’t mean that you have to treat the time like anything other than a day in your life. Vacation, Business Trips, a regular Tuesday…they are the same. The only difference is that you’re in a different place.

It’s simple, it’s the process and the process is the same process that you live in at home. Do the same things, eat the same things, drink the same things. And this doesn’t mean that you can’t have something extra, something extra to eat, something extra to drink. The process stays the same and you are able to stay on track because you have continued doing what you always do with a little something extra. The extra doesn’t cause the problem. It’s when the extra becomes the regular that causes the issues and the eventual fall from the proverbial wagon.

So, let’s talk about these simple, helpful tips that will help you Stay on Track While Traveling.

First, let’s look at some travel issues that we know all too well:

  1. “The Travel Bloat” – We have all experienced this where fingers, ankles, feet swell and most of all stomach issues.
  2. That stinkin’ Buffet Line – All You Can Eat, how do we navigate this situation and try to maintain how we feel?
  3. Don’t leave home without it – We need to be prepared in all things we do. How we prepare for our nutritional needs is no different. When we travel we need to be prepared.

Simple, Helpful tips:

“The Travel Bloat”
The science behind bloating says that there are many reasons and causes for bloating like lactose intolerance, food allergies, and over eating just to name a few.

1) The most common reason for bloating, especially when traveling, is the consumptions of water or the lack there of. Most research says that drinking 8 glasses of water is the necessary amount to maintain proper water intake. When traveling, there is a lot of moving, lifting, walking, etc. so 8 glasses may not even be enough.

Here are some simple, helpful tips to assist in making that happen:

  • Bring your own personal water bottle. Lots of them have hooks, clips and all kinds of cool accessories and they help with that recycling problem.
  • Buy a bottle of water. Usually, water is the least expensive thing you can buy at a convenience store, airport, etc. Also, most places, especially airports have water fountains.
  • Write it on your to-do list. Write in on your spouse’s to-do list. Make an alert or an alarm to remind you to bring water – whatever it takes.

2) All you can eat… those famous last words. I mean it when you say them they will be your last words. Hey, I know our brains are conditioned to jump into Value mode when we hear ALL… So, here are a few techniques that you can use to avoid the Vacation Blues, aka. Red Flags.

  • As soon as you see the word ALL, regardless of what follows, STOP and take a moment to understand what all is referring to. Now the advertisement might be meaning all you can shove in your gourd, but that doesn’t have to be what you let your brain hear it. To clarify, we are talking about food. So, instead of all you can eat make it all that can fit on your PLATE.
  • A Buffet Line is actually an attempt on the establishment to give you the chance to try many of the items with the end goal of you coming back at a time that you will order the item you enjoyed the best and eat it for your meal.
  • We have the strength, the ability, the knowledge, and the wisdom to make good choices. I am talking to the mental and emotional side now. You are worthy. You are worth it. You are valuable. You have been created beautifully and wonderfully. You do not have to choose to hurt yourself. So, the next time that you are feeling like you don’t deserve…or, I bet it feels like this…that it doesn’t matter anyways, remember: it’s not about it, it’s about You and You do matter and You have the complete capability to make a choice that is going to be worthy of You…

3) One of the biggest problems we have, when we are trying to keep eating and exercise together away from home, is that we are all out of whack with our surroundings. So, let’s Plan and Be Prepared.

  • There are many things in life that, if planned, would be simpler to do. One of those things is being prepared for eating and exercise while out of town. Have a plan and be prepared. It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive plan for every meal every hour of the day and days that you are gone. It can just be bringing a few protein bars or packing some sandwiches. It can be bringing a case of water so you don’t forget to drink water.
  • Pack like a Pro – prepare food weekly and pack it in containers that can be taken with you each day. This is what the Pros do. You don’t have to be a Pro to act like one. Hey, the deal is to have a plan and be prepared.

There are many more areas that tend to be road blocks in regards to Traveling and Staying on Track. Hopefully, these simple tips have given you some traction for success.

Rick, look forward to sharing some more information with you soon. To you and your readers at ExercisesForInjuries, I hope you found this helpful. Have fun and stay Fit on your next trip.

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Richard Goodpasture, CPT CLFT

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