How Your Leg Workout Can Be Causing Harm to Your Back

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How Your Leg Workout Can Be Causing Harm to Your Back


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I wanted to explain how your leg workout could be causing injuries and irritating your back.

Often when it comes to leg workouts, we put unnecessary stress on our back leading to irritation, potential injury, and pain.

I’ll go through one of these exercises; the Inclined Leg Press.

Inclined Leg Press

During the traditional bilateral two legged, you unlock it and straighten out. When you come back down, your low back flattens out. This flattening out of the back puts a lot of stress on the back.

We want to maintain that curve when it comes to low back area. You can still work on your legs as you do the Unilateral Inclined Leg Press.

Unilateral Inclined Leg Press

Move one leg up and bring the other leg down, which locks the pelvis so there is not as much rocking of the pelvis happening. This keeps that curve in the lower back as you work your legs. You also work your hip a lot more because you have to stabilize.

You can also slide your hand underneath your lower back and try to keep that pressure on your hand as you work on your legs.

Hand underneath the back

There you go! When you are working on that inclined press, look at your back. You might be working your legs but when you get to that end position, often you are flattening your back and pressing it up against the pad. This exposes your back to unnecessary stress and potential irritation, pain or a full blown injury.

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Rick Kaselj, MS