Introduction to Core Training and Performance with Tony Gentilcore

Introduction to Core Training and Performance with Tony Gentilcore

The core training and performance introduction will help you know the crucial part of any fitness routine. It’s a component of physical activity, general health, and a factor in sports performance. You will learn about the spine and core training.

Well, I am on my way home. The 23 days on the road have come to an end. This past weekend was in San Francisco.

The town was a little crazy last night. The conference was okay. I had great conversations with people there, and it was cool to be in the city when the 49ers won the football game.

Who is Tony Gentilcore?Tony Gentilcore

Today I have a clip from Spinal Health and Core Training. But before that, let me give you a quick background about Tony Gentilcore,  the trainer.

Tony is one of the founders of CORE, a fitness facility in Boston that takes over people that have already been in physical therapy and rehabilitation regarding their physical health to make them feel better. He graduated with a degree in Health Education and became a health teacher. Although being a health teacher is not bad.

He was somewhat unsatisfied. He decided to take an internship in a fitness facility in New York. From then on, he became a personal trainer for various commercial gyms. Eventually, he moved from Connecticut to Boston to be a trainer. He also does blogging for a while. To cut the story short, he found his passion, his cream of the crop, in a fitness facility.

The video presents and discusses:

  1. The seminar generally discussing on back pain
  2. Educate the attendees about the fat-burning zone and toning muscle length.
  3. handling the corrective side of making people feel better
  4. Assessing lower back injuries and not diagnosing.
  5. Knows and learns CORE clients
  6. Tony introduces the right person to go to for people interested in putting up or having an interest in the fitness business.
  7. In this seminar, Tony presents some videos of a real “baller,” someone putting on some muscle.sled training workout_1
  8. The seminar cuts the negative paradigm on lifting weights for athletes, particularly ball athletes, speed, and bodybuilding.
  9. You will be watching cool videos that give you an idea of the unique atmosphere in the CORE. These videos are from their client athletes in baseball, football, softball, gymnast, and a wife who have done amazing things in their journey.

So how do you become a “baller”? Quite challenging because it doesn’t happen overnight and requires a lot of determination. You have to work towards it and strive for it. No one is ever too good to be better than themselves. That’s why the best athletes in the world never settle and always strive to do better. They become better every day.

Core Training and Performance

If you want that core and spine strength and become one of those athletes that pursued and achieved their goals, it is not too late. You can be one of them.

Over the next few weeks, I will have more clips from the seminar. Spinal Health & Core Training will be available on February 12.


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