Who Do Trainers Train?

Who Do Trainers Train

Tough question for personal trainers:

What do you think of the question?

Is he right?

Is he wrong?

What percentage of your clients are general population clients?

John first posted the question on his Facebook page. It got a great discussion going:


For me, I have to be honest: most of my clients are general population clients (GPC).

Yes, I have trained amateur athletes.

Yes, I have trained professional athletes.

The vast majority of my clients are regular folks that want to overcome an injury and get healthy.

Here is a clip from John Izzo’s presentation on Assessment & Exercise for Personal Training:

Here are some kind words about Muscle Imbalances Revealed:

Watch for John’s presentation, it will be coming out next week as part of the Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Assessment & Exercise edition

Rick Kaselj, MS

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