Is Extreme Specialisation The Answer For Massive Strength?

Is Extreme Specialisation The Answer For Massive Strength

This is cool, I got a guest post from someone that has deadlifted over 1000 lbs.


It is from Andy Bolton.


Here he shares a tip on what he does for massive strength gains.


~ Rick


Throughout most of my powerlifting career, I’ve used a cycling approach when it comes to strength training. Sometimes 6 or 8-week cycles, but usually 12.

Start moderately heavy and get progressively heavier as the weeks go by. It’s simple and effective and has worked for me and many other great lifters, including the legendary Eddy Coan.

That said, at times I have used other approaches, usually for 4-8 weeks at a time. Sometimes these other approaches were for mental stimulation, but usually, they were used to overcome plateaus and build huge amounts of STRENGTH in short periods.

One of these approaches is an extreme specialization…

Dramatically increased the volume and frequency with which you train a lift.

Done for too long – this technique can be a disaster because it can lead to injuries and burnout (both mental and physical).

However, done correctly – it can lead to very FAST strength and size gains.

I favor training a lift hard and heavy once a week, but when I use the extreme specialization approach, the frequency will change to 3 or even 4 times a week.

Many strength protocols will be used, including:

  • Heavy sets of 5, 3, 2 and 1
  • Speedwork
  • Partial movement training
  • Technique practice

And more.

Here’s the bottom line…

Get an extreme specialization program that works and you should prepare to say “HELLO” to massive strength gains.

Get it wrong and injury and/or mental burnout awaits.

My Deadlift Domination program is tried and tested and has been tweaked and honed throughout my 20 + year powerlifting career.

If you’d like to smash your deadlift PR, whilst maintaining or potentially increasing your squat and bench, check it out today

Andy Bolton of Deadlift Domination