Kettlebell Core Finisher Workout

Kettlebell Core Finisher Workout

Hey it’s Chris Lopez of Kettlebell Finishers. This is a workout for my buddy Rick Kaselj and all of his friends over at Exercises for Injuries.

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Today, we are going to do the Metabolic Stimulation Finisher. It sounds like a Fat Loss Finisher but in essence it is very much a core finisher, something healthy that I like to get all of my clients to do. It really helps build spinal stability.

The reason why we do that is because it involves loaded carrying. We got a Kettlebell in a Rack Position. If you heard about Dan John, Master of SFG talks about this a lot, holding the kettlebell in a rack position and going for a walk.

What that does is that forces you to off-set a lot of your weight and really try to stay straight because that kettlebell is loaded on the one side. When it is loaded on the one side, you are really making the obliques work.

You are going to do that on both sides.

In addition to that, I am going to get you to do a Spiderman Crawl and Sprints as well. So this is the Metabolic Stimulation Finisher. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know how you like it.

Here’s how it goes:

#1 – Walking with Kettlebell in a Rack Position

I grab my 28 kilograms kettlebell and I am going to clean it up. Make sure that it stays nice and locked in. It is really heavy. I am crash gripping the handle and bracing my abs nice and tight.

Kettlebell Walk

Walking with Kettlebell in a Rack Position 

And then we go for a walk, a lot of ab work here especially with the obliques. Once you get to the end, you are going to put it down safely and clean it up to the other side. I am really crash gripping the kettlebell here, bell goes down.

Then I will do the Spiderman Crawl. Stay nice and low, keep your hips down and don’t let your butt come out. Right from the end you are going to Sprint back.

Spiderman Crawl and Sprint

Spiderman Crawl and Sprint

So that’s the Metabolic Stimulation Finisher. My suggestion is to go 3 to 4 rounds for a total of 4 to 5. Make sure that you are resting out for at least 2 minutes in between especially because you got some sprinting in there. It is really a great finisher and great to increase your metabolism. I will see you guys in the next finisher.

Chris Lopez

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