If Jumping Exercises Gives You Knee Pain Try this Exercise

If Jumping Exercises Gives You Knee Pain Try this Exercise

Today, I got another video for you from San Diego.

During my last two trips to San Diego, I had done a bunch of video for everyone at EFI.

Here is another one.

I was doing a bootcamp yesterday with Mike Whitfield and he was going through an exercise that I really like.

I think it’s an excellent exercise for people with any type of knee pain or if you can’t do any type of impact work.

Rick Kaselj: I will get Mike to introduce himself and talk about the exercise and why the exercise and modification is a great one to do.

Mike Whitfield: Absolutely. Well, I am Mike Whitfield. I use workout finishers to help people to replace any training and long steady cardio with a finisher which is obviously a sweater instead of cardio and it is just more fun.

#1 – Problem with Jumping Exercises

The exercise we are talking about is the total body extension and it’s just a great way to replace the jump squat.

This is how we do the jump squat.

Jump SquatJump Squat

You go into a squat position and you jump and you land in a squat position. As long as you land in that squat position you are going to put a light impact on the knees.

With a lot of people, doing the jump squat gives them pain or they can’t do it.

If you get pain from the jump squat a good replacement for it which literally eliminate all the impact is the Total Body Extension.

#2 – Replace Jumping Exercises with this Exercise

This is how you do the full body extension.

Total Body Extension

Total Body Extension

It’s almost like you are jumping into place without losing your breath.

The thing that you want to do is you are going to put your feet about shoulder width apart or maybe a little bit narrower.

What you are going to do is have your chest up and arms behind your glutes and you look straight ahead and you come up on your toes while at the same time bringing your arms above your head.

It is really important to not just do half way up with your arms and come back down. You really need to focus on getting those arms all the way up.

Rick and I, we are kind of at the desk all day and do a lot of writing, products and things like that. You might be working or have a job that is at the desk or whatever it is that you are doing and what that’s going to do is to put you into a curved position of your back and we want to avoid that.

We want to open up those shoulders and back and that’s going to help with that to put your arms all the way up. You will just do a slight squat. I want to show you a slow motion of the total body extension, that’s when you get up on your toes so you are going to get calf work as well. And as you get used to the movement you want to move faster and faster to when you will literally explode into the movement.

Two things you need to focus on are Depth and Drive.

The faster you go, the faster your heart rate is going to get up there. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise without any impact on your knees.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. Mike where can people get more information about you?

Mike Whitfield: You can go to my blog at TrainwithFinishers.com. You can also go to my website and you can check out my finishers at KettlebellFinishers.com.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. So if you have any knee issues that you cannot do the jumping try that modification. You saw what Mike did. You can increase the intensity by increasing the speed that you end up doing in each repetition.

If you have knee pain, then check out Fix My Knee Pain and if you are looking for some fun workouts with the kettlebell, check out Kettlebell Finishers.

That is it.

Take care and bye bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS.

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