Kind Words in My Emails Inbox

I am so amazed at all the emails that I get on a daily basis.

Here are a few that I just got.

Thoughts on Shoulder Pain Solved

“I loved this program.  It is a great complement to the shoulder stabilization program.  Your presentation of the material is very organized, detailed, and informative.  The assessment is easy, quick, and effective and can be used on any shoulder pain clients that I have.  I now know what to improve upon if I or my clients have certain restrictions.  You took a lot of important components concerning tissue extensibility and strength and tied it all together and made everything easier to comprehend.  I also love the products and information that you create or provide.  It is very helpful to me since I have an interest in post-rehab, corrective exercise, and integrating that with human performance. Again, thanks for the program!”

Pamela Brown

Exercise Physiologist

Athens, AL

Shoulder Pain Solved

Kind Words from People that Like My Videos and Emails

Some may say I give away too much information but I am glad it is helping people like Jenny and Mieke.

“I love your videos and info Rick! You’re the best!!!!”
Thank you


“Hi Rick, thank you for all your informative emails and videos.”

Mieke Pistorius
South Africa

What People Say About the Free Fitness Education Gifts

As you know, you can send me your email and I will send you all kinds of great stuff.  I call it the $299 Fitness Education gift.  This is what Brian had to say about the gift:

“Hello Rick, Of course, the ed. gifts are very valuable – except for the blackberry workout. I don’t have a blackberry and I get more training in a day than most people get in a week, so, I don’t even need another workout. Your info on muscle imbalances and ‘myth debunking’ is refreshing and useful. I am grateful for partaking of your knowledge.”

Brian Rich

So Excited about Muscle Imbalances Revealed

J just got Muscle Imbalances Revealed (MIR).  He is so excited about it and he is one of many fitness professionals whose careers are better for it.

Its great! I currently don’t have home internet; so I’m going to Kinko’s & downloading on a flash drive & then to my laptop. I’m communicating to you now w/a blackberry!I can’t wait to start implementing the program! God bless!!!


That is it.

Thank you so much for your kind words.  Please do keep them coming.

It is great to get your feedback, learn how to improve things, and see how I can help you.

Rick Kaselj, MS