Importance of Muscle Imbalances

Today I have an interview for you I did on the importance of muscle imbalances.

Importance of Muscle Imbalances Interview

==>  Importance of Muscle Imbalances Interview

What I Go Through in the Importance of Muscle Imbalances Interview:

  • Why are muscle imbalances so important?
  • What most fitness education certifications focus in on
  • Why most fitness professionals miss focusing on muscle imbalances
  • No one profession or person can cover a huge topic like muscle imbalances
  • Why stretching is a band aid when it comes to muscle imbalances
  • What is Muscle Imbalances Revealed 2.0

In the above interview, I talk about the product called Muscle Imbalances Revealed 2.0:

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I did the interview with Erik Rokeach of .  I would highly recommend visiting his site as it is packed with great interviews with fitness professionals sharing their business secrets.

Rick Kaselj, MS