Knee Injury and Squatting

Knee Injury and Squatting

Very excited about this week.

Lots of great stuff coming up.

For starters, Spinal Health & Core Training is finally here.

This weekend I am off to Edmonton to present with Tony Gentilcore, Dean Somerset, and Dr. Jeff Cubos. We are going to be covering every aspect of spinal health and core training. Tony has performance, Dean has fitness, Jeff has assessment and I have rehab. It is going to be great.  It is going to be a lot of fun to meet trainers and coaches from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Newfoundland, Oakland, and Boston.

I don’t have a video clip from Edmonton but I have one from a presentation that I did last month in Windsor called Optimal Injury Recovery:

CLICK HERE to watch the Knee Injury and Squatting video

Another project that I am working on this week is a neck pain exercise program.

It has been great to get this done.

I have been planning on putting a program together for this for some time.  Over the last few weeks, it has been fun looking back at all the exercises that I use, looking to see if there are some new ones out there, and seeing what the research says.

I know the program will help a lot of people as I just got a FB message for some neck pain exercises:

It will be great to refer people to the program and help them out just like the Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome exercises helped out Travis:

Hello Rick,

I have purchased your Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Solution
and I’m loving it.

It’s changing my gait in positive way. i.e. Feet are turning more
in and I’m more on the outside of the feet as I have flat feet.

And less knee pain and that’s only after a very short period
of time.

Kindest regards,


So happy that I could help, Travis.

That is it for today.

I am off to do a few assessments, then head to the gym to take photos and videos for the neck pain program.  I have already got 58 exercises into the program.

Oh ya, the neck pain program will be coming out tomorrow. Watch for the email!

Rick Kaselj, MS

Patellofemoral Syndrome Solution