Looking for Help on a Project

Looking for Help on a Project

Please take a moment to read our helpful tips on how you can ask for help on a project at work without coming off as annoying.


Wonderful to see you once more! I hope you had a great week. We will spend the day as a family together and go biking with the kids. However, I’d want to give you some updates before we go.

1. Now I am 40 Years Old

First of all, I recently turned 40.

When I was away with my wife to celebrate the first half of my birthday, I thought back on turning 40 and posted it.

Sincerely, I’ve been thinking about my birthday a lot lately. Maybe it’s all these fresh starts for the new year. Or perhaps it’s because I can’t pretend that my 20s are around the corner any longer. I feel at a crossroads in my life, no matter what is going on in my thoughts. So here I am, prepared to welcome this new chapter and express my ideas about what turning 40 will mean to me. Here are some of my random ideas for reaching 40.

40th Happy Birthday Drinks

Random Thoughts on Turning 40 

2. Looking for Help on a Project

I have a terrific notion for a venture and require assistance with it. It will benefit a lot of people, and it will be big.

This is not a position; it is a venture. We will invest much time and effort into creating something wonderful in a few weeks. The venture will be made available to the general public in a few weeks, and we will be rewarded for our efforts. Please do not apply if you are only interested in the reward; it will not be substantial.

I’m seeking a fitness expert who has used Exercises for Injuries products with their clients and has been a longtime Exercises for Injuries supporter and customer.

To get started, answer the questions below. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you soon!

If this is you, then reply to this email with this information:

  • Your name and where you are in the world (Nothing else listed here.)
  • What is your profession, and how long have you been in that profession? (Explain in less than 50 words and do not list off certifications.)
  • How do you use Exercise for Injury products in your work with your clients? (Include the correct name of one product that has benefited you and your clients.)
  • What experience do you have writing and doing videos? (If you have none, that is fine, but you need to be open to doing some.)
  • What is the GPS location of the world’s largest hockey stick?
  • How many people live in Toronto, Canada, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Lima, Peru?
  • In your own words, talk about “deep neck flexors”? (Explain in less than 100 words.)
  • Why should you get the opportunity to help with this project, and what can you bring to the project? (Explain in less than 100 words.)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

One last thing.

Flexibility Over 40 Handbook

We will talk to you tomorrow.

Rick Kaselj, MS of http://ExercisesForInjuries.com