Cueing for the Goblet Squat

Cueing for the Goblet Squat

Last week on the Exercises For Injuries Facebook Fan Page, I asked people what they would like me to do a video on. Ally K suggested that I do some exercise technique videos.

Here is my first shot at it.

Let me know what you think.

~ Rick Kaselj


This is a special video for Mike Whitfield and everyone at Kettlebell Finishers.

Mike wanted me to go through some cueing when it comes to the Goblet Squat.

I will get Orsy to go through it.

#1 – How to do the Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat Front View

Goblet Squat

In the Goblet Squat we got a nice wide stance.

We need lots of room in order for us to drop our hips past our knees and go through the movement.

In the exercise, we can hold a kettlebell or a dumbbell.

When we drop down into the bottom position of the goblet squat, the elbows are pushing out against the knees and then we are coming out of the bottom position.

Other things with Orsy you can see, she is looking straight ahead.

Any type of dropping of the head will end up changing the position in the lower back. You can see that she is good and strong in the shoulders and she is not collapsing forward which will end up changing the position of your back and putting greater stress on it.

#2 – Common Mistake when Doing the Goblet Squat that Can Lead to Back Pain

Goblet Squat Side View

And also you can see with Orsy, her back is staying the same. She is not rounding out in that back. She is holding that position and she is really working on that movement happening in the hips.

You can see that Orsy has nice wide feet, elbows are coming in between the knees, and the movement is happening in the hips. There is no movement happening in that low back. She is strong and set in the shoulders. She is strong and set in that core area. Her eyes and head are looking straight ahead.

#3 – Important Key When Performing the Goblet Squat

Make sure to remember those cueing:

  • Look at your head.
  • Look at where your shoulders are.
  • Look at where your core and abdominal area is.
  • Look at how your low back is.
  • Look at how your hips are.
  • Look at where your knee and feet positions are.

Now if you end up doing a bodyweight style, the same thing ends up applying. We want to have good technique because poor technique when it comes to the feet and the knees leads to unnecessary stress and strain on the knees.

When it comes to poor technique in the hips, low back, mid back and head, it puts unnecessary stress on the low back and it could potentially lead to low back irritation, pain, or injury.

Implement those quick tips!

There you go Mike Whitfield and everyone at Kettlebell Finishers (great kettlebell workout ideas here).

This is Rick Kaselj from and Fix My Back Pain saying take care and bye bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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