#1 MOST USELESS Abs Exercise

#1 MOST USELESS Abs Exercise

The number of ab exercises you can do is almost endless; however, that refrains them from being all effective. Some work, some don’t. The same goes for the frequency with which you should be doing them. Your ab routine needs to be intense to get a ripped midsection and — most importantly — something that covers all angles of the abs to help build their strength and reduce that dreaded “mom pouch.”

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#1 MOST USELESS Abs Exercise

The Oblique Dumbbell is the worst exercise because it puts excessive strain on your lower back. It is a tremendously dangerous exercise for people with lower back problems. 

It has an absolute danger for people who have had lower back surgery. The main problem with this movement is that it puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders and back. 


Oblique Dumbbell Exercise

The oblique strain is one of the most strenuous exercises for the shoulders, especially for people with bad posture or a weak rotator cuff. If you have problems with your rotator cuff, this exercise can make them worse. 

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The side bending oblique dumbbell exercise is horrible on the back and ineffective. Furthermore, it puts tremendous strain on the back and is a cause for disaster for your low back.

Farmer’s Walk

The Farmer’s walk exercise is suitable for improving upper body strength and building muscle. This type of exercise gives kindled results for everyone and is beneficial for anyone who has an active lifestyle and works with their hands. 


Farmer’s Walk

Better exercise is doing a Farmer’s Walk.

With this exercise, you are holding upright, holding a heavyweight, and walking for a distance like 10 feet, 20 feet, or 30 feet back and forth. Throughout the exercise, you need to stay in an upright position. Your abdominal muscles are working to prevent you from bending to the side. Farmer’s Walk will work on your obliques, especially the sides, having weight. It will also strengthen your core in the side-to-side direction (frontal plane).

A climatic thing you will be building is the endurance in those obliques, which is the most important thing. It relates to fending off back pain.

So there you go. If you are doing the dumbbell side oblique exercise, cut it out. It’s an injury waiting to happen. Give that Farmer’s Walk Exercise a better go.

 It is also essential to build up to these exercises, especially if you have never done them. Otherwise, you might have a knee problem and should not do them. 

People with chronic pain, neck pain, and back pain should not do these types of exercises. If you have a medical condition like osteoporosis, you should talk to your doctor before you start a strenuous exercise program. Also, avoid doing this type of exercise if you are pregnant.

USELESS Abs Exercise

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