Movement Is The Key To Successful Training

Movement Is The Key To Successful Training

It all starts with movement.

When I started my rehab company way back when I called it Healing Through Movement.

The reason why I called it that is that with movement, many injuries got better.

Below Tyler Bramlett takes it to a new level.

Enjoy the article.



It doesn’t matter if you are a world-class athlete, coach to the pros, or a weekend warrior… The one thing that you share with every other person on the planet, whether you know it or not, is movement.

Without movement, people whither and die. Without movement, there would be no fitness industry. So it stands to reason that movement can be viewed as the granddaddy of everything contained within the vast spectrum of the field of fitness.

Ok… Before you ditch this page and say to yourself, “this guy’s crazy.” Give me one sec to convince you that your ability to move is the #1 key to successful training. And if you agree with the following statement then keep reading because I will be giving you a few different methods you can use to move better, feel better and perform better.

Ask yourself this question… Who will get better results?

PERSON – A) They approached the squat feeling tight and restricted throughout their hips and ankles. They don’t feel very coordinated and when asked what muscles they are using they have no idea.


PERSON – B) They gracefully approach the squat with full confidence that they have total control over their body. They are flexible but strong, coordinated, and can feel every muscle in their body working correctly.

Ok, so it’s obvious who is gonna get better results, right?

But how do you go about achieving better movement?

First things first, you don’t need to switch your exercise program to get better results and you don’t need to work out any harder than you already are… But, there are 3 components to better movement, and each involves how well you can control your body.

The major downfall that prevents most people from improving their movement is their inability to maximally contract their muscles, their lack of access to a complete range of motion, and seemingly non-existent coordination.

I see this over and over again at the gym. Observing the same people mindlessly going from one exercise to the other with ZERO muscle control and awareness. They perform the same routine for months and years and they still look the same.

I’ve had many of my personal clients who proudly tell me they are in tip-top shape and have been training for years in the gym but all agree something is missing, they are frustrated and don’t feel like they are getting the most out of their workouts.

What’s missing is better movement… Below, I will explain the 3 Ways To Improve Movement And Maximize Your Results.

#1 – Generate Maximum Contraction

The problem here is that you don’t spend enough time focusing on the muscles that should be firing and essentially miss out on the connection your body is lacking.

On average, people only have access to roughly 15% of their full muscle strength potential. Whereas research has shown that world-class athletes use roughly 30-50% of their available muscle strength.

So what’s the game changer here?

The better connection you have with your body the better muscle activation you’ll acquire by recruiting the proper muscles throughout your workout.

The harder you contract and control your muscleS the greater physical performance you can achieve.

#2 – Flexibility and Range of Motion

Flexibility is a common challenge for people. It’s either a lack thereof or being hypermobile that creates issues with the inability to properly activate their muscles.

Being flexible is great but in reality, is worthless if you don’t have the ability to generate tension (muscle control) throughout the full range of motion of a movement.

Having the ability to move through exercises with a full range of motion while engaging and firing your muscles increases your potential to maximize your workouts.

#3 – Your Coordination

The above two highlighted points are useless if you are not able to coordinate your body around a given movement. Your ability to transition from one movement to the next with perfect form is one of the most unique keys few people practice.

This happens in real-life day-to-day activities. Think about how much you subconsciously move in and out of positions every day.

When you access your full muscle activation potential, with controlled movements, through a full range of motion you will be maximizing your results through better movement.

However, to obtain these 3 unique components doesn’t require countless hours of exercising or time figuring it out. You can increase your physical potential by following along with a short 2-3 minute Metabolic Ignition Sequence…

What is a Metabolic Ignition Sequence?

Simply put, this is a series, or flow if you will, of movements designed to teach you better movement. If you can imagine a hybrid of advanced mobility, powerful yoga, and martial arts then you will have a small idea about what one of these sequences looks like.

These Metabolic Ignition Sequences may sound easy but are surprisingly intense.

They are designed to address the 3 components above in the shortest time possible so you can get better results from your workouts.

Why should you care about learning to move better by using short bodyweight movement sequences?

Studies published in the Journal of Sports Science have proven that following a short sequence of exercises just like the ones in Bodyweight Flow using the MIS system has been found to:

    • *Increase oxygen uptake, your Fat Burning Potential during high-intensity workouts by 21.4%
    • *Increase upper body strength by 32%
    • *Increase flexibility by 7%
    • *Increase speed/agility by 2.5%

All without changing any part of the workout itself!!

The bottom line is that you now know that 3 things are preventing you from maximizing the time you spend working out and you have the potential to unlock your physical performance and enhance your workouts by building a stronger connection to your muscles, increasing your functional range of motion and building massive coordination!

If you want to improve your movement, check out the program that Sylvia Favela and myself created, called Bodyweight Flow.

Tyler Bramlett

Stretching to Increase Metabolism