Fantastic Four Bodyweight Flow

Fantastic Four Bodyweight Flow

The Fantastic Four is a low-impact, impactful bodyweight workout suitable for all experience levels and abilities. This high-energy routine improves your strength, flexibility, core strength, and arm, chest, and leg fitness. Even if you’re bodyweight workouts, this article will help you get started with The Fantastic Four.

Today there is a quick bodyweight flow that you can do if you don’t hadn’t to hit the gym or that you can do before your workout.


~ Rick

CLICK HERE Fantastic Four Bodyweight Flow with Sylvia and Tyler

Sylvia Favela: Hey guys, Sylvia and Tyler here, and we are the creators of Bodyweight Flow.

Tyler Bramlett: This special guest video is for you over at It’s a 2It’sinute bodyweight flow. You can use it before your next workout to burn fat faster, maximize your workout, and accelerate your results.

Let’s started on this Advance Full Body Flow.

1 & 2. Downward Dog into Downward Dog with Push-Up

Sylvia will start by walking her hands out in a downward dog position, and she’s starting by doing a push-up. Bending your elbows, bring your head down as low as possible, and press your back up.

Bodyweight Flow_A

3. Straight Arm Plank with Knee Rotation Kick

From there, she lowers her hips to a plank, brings her knee up, rotates and extends the leg, comes back, and then presses everything up as long as possible.

Bodyweight Flow_B

4. Straight Arm Plank into a Heel Press

Bring the foot down and repeat by starting with the next push-up right there. So push up and then plank, rotate to the opposite side, down outback, and extend.

These are the key important factors you should be thinking about as you follow this bodyweight flow:

  • You want to ensure you never let your shoulders shrug up and get relaxed.
  • You are keeping everything tight in your midsection.
  • You are keeping your shoulders externally rotated the entire time.

Tips for performing the Fantastic Four Flow correctly

  1. Stay engaged throughout the entire routine. Avoid zoning out by maintaining constant focus and actively engaging your muscles throughout the routine.
  2. Avoid muscle strain by working at your own pace. If you feel any discomfort or muscle strain, take a break. You can come back to the routine when you feel better.
  3. Stay hydrated throughout the routine. Many people easily forget to stay hydrated during a bodyweight workout, especially indoors where you don’t sweat.
  4. Try to perform this routine at least once a week, and increase the number of times you do it as you progress.

Make sure you have mastered this complicated movement before proceeding to the next phase and speeding it up. On one side, you should notice your stomach muscles working as you return and turn; on the other, you should repeat the process.

Sylvia Favela: We hope you enjoy the 2 to 3 minutes of Bodyweight Flow.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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