Muscle Imbalance Questions

Muscle Imbalance Questions

Several factors limit our movement capabilities. These factors include muscle imbalance, strength, flexibility, and motor skills. When we perform any movement at a suboptimal level, we are almost guaranteed to feel it in our bodies.

There are many ways that a movement can feel off. For example, when we are performing an exercise with too much or too little weight, resistance, or not enough space. However, when we identify an imbalance in our muscle groups, it can be a red flag that something is not correct. When you notice a change in your physical abilities, you should look into what is causing the difference and correct it as soon as possible.

When every system in the body works together, the body can perform at its peak. However, when something is out of whack, the body’s natural equilibrium is thrown off, and it no longer functions optimally. This is especially true with muscle imbalances. When you have imbalanced muscle tissue, it can lead to several different problems. For example, a muscle imbalance can lead to pain in specific areas of your body. 

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What People Are Saying About Muscle Imbalances Revealed

One guy said this: “I love this topic for rehab specialists, like physical therapists and athletic trainers, because I feel we often miss the boat on this topic when working with patients and athletes. I have seen much better results in my practice by thinking outside the box with information in products like these.”

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Wow! These kind words came from Dr. Michael M. Reinold, Who is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, plus the assistant director of medical services of the Boston Red Sox Baseball Club. This is what else he had to say about Muscle Imbalances Revealed:

“The videos are about 6 hours and seven webinars in total, but I enjoyed how well the website flowed. You can log on and easily start watching the videos or download the presentation to your computer or iPod to watch on the go. I watched half the series on my computer and the other half on my iPod, which worked great. You can also order DVDs of the program, but to me, having it all online with the ability to download is way better than paying extra for a physical disc. I should note too that Rick has done a great job submitting these for CEU approval.” 

CEU Approval

NASM just approved Muscle Imbalances Revealed for CEU credit.

I don’t think I have had a course approved by them, but now you can earn 0.6 NSAM CEUs.

Very cool.

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