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Rick Kaselj: Ok. We are chatting before the call, and you are opening up a gym real soon. It’s exciting, and a lot of people, coaches, and trainers whose kind of dreaming of opening up a gym. Maybe you can talk about that.


Nick Rosencutter: It’s my dream too. I am opening up my facility out here in the Milwaukee area, the Greenfield suburbs of Milwaukee. I will have strength conditioning there, a variety of athletes, fat loss, pain syndromes, and everything. I am completely pumped up about it.

We will have some trimming work areas for soft tissue work. I want it to be a nearby place for people serious about getting better, whether that is for the sport or getting out of pain, or just getting in shape. I want to be the premier place in Milwaukee for people to come to if they are serious about their training and want to learn how to get better and work hard to reach their goals.

I do a lot of work with a chiropractor’s authentic good mixture style. My partner Trish Miller she’s perfect as well. We are going to do some stuff together with our businesses as well. We used to have a background in business called (??0:18:56.7) performance and therapeutic, which is we work together in providing services back and forth.

If someone needs movement or performance training, she will help me and does her thing. And if I have someone who needs a joint manipulation or spinal adjustment that I can’t do, I send them her way, and we are helping each other very well. I will have a full scale of services in one spot. That would be pretty awesome. I am pretty pumped about it. It’s been a long time since I worked on it last year, and I am pretty excited to get in there and get things rolling.

Rick Kaselj: Which is your number 1 key that you have learned so far for someone who wants to start their facility?


Nick Rosencutter: Don’t expect everything to go entirely smoothly because it will not. We are lucky enough to find this place through a client of mine, and it luckily worked out. So make sure you have a complete set plan in place and have planned a budget for every foreseeable thing that could happen because you are working on a deal with one area that is going to fall through.

Those are the things you are not thinking about, and nothing will ever work out precisely the way you planned. I will say that it doesn’t just go through it blind make sure you plan for everything that will happen. Just make sure that you have a plan in place because a lot more goes into it.

Rick Kaselj: We are reaching the end of the call. Do you have any last-minute tips for people or things you want to leave with people when it comes to corrective exercise and maybe starting their facility?

Nick Rosencutter: If you haven’t had a good assessment, even if you know this stuff, you have not done a good evaluation from someone who knows how to analyze you the right way. Do it because, as I said, this stuff is essential. It’s going to take your performance to the next level. It will help you stay healthy and do what you want to do for a much more extended period.

Find someone who can help you out and a lot of suitable materials that you can learn from. And make sure you take the time to do this stuff. Make the time to get a massage treatment. Take the time to do your extra warm-up.

6814592145_a2cd4fd789During your mobility warm-up, do your low track work, do your glute work, and do everything you need to do to make yourself better because I learned firsthand that if you don’t, then sometimes injuries will happen whether you expect them to or not.

If you can correct them in the first place, you might as well. Take the time to do it. Learn about it. Find someone who can help you if you don’t and if you haven’t done it already.

And as far as the facility, as I said, you want to make sure you plan for everything and have a clear vision of what you want to do with it. Because you want to build a standpoint of who you want in the place, you will get questions from people about what is this gym? Who can come in here? The list can go on. Just make sure you know exactly how you want it to be and who you want to work with it.

Rick Kaselj: Ok. Where can people get more information about you, Nick?

Nick Rosencutter: You can find me on my website at You can also find me on Theresa’s website, which will be up soon called That will be a lot of combined information on multiple techniques and services there.

Suppose you want to see how we combine the performances and training side of things and more of these therapeutic rehab chiropractic side of something pretty cool. She has some good information on videos up on there, and I am meeting her to make some plans to make some DVDs and do some seminars here shortly. So look out for that.

Just check out those two websites when you get a chance. If you are around Milwaukee and want an excellent place to train, look me up because we will walk you in. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. So thank you very much for your time, Nick.

Nick Rosencutter: No problem, Rick, thanks for having me.

Rick Kaselj: Thank you very much, listeners. I hope you enjoyed the interview about the importance of integrating corrective exercise into your program and your client’s program. I know from my personal experience after I left my 20s and as I entered my 30s, my mind might be in my 20s, but my body is in my 30s. I need to take care of it more and integrate some of the corrective exercise sides of things to make sure that I am balanced and I have good joints stability, I have good movements, I am sending off injuries, I don’t have maximum imbalances has ended up helping me continue doing the things I enjoy and stay out of pain and avoid damage.

So this is Rick Kaselj from Thank you for listening to the interview, and we will talk to you very soon.  I will have another discussion for you soon, and we will see you on the blog. So this is Rick Kaselj saying take care and bye-bye.

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