What Your Clients Don’t Know About Nutrition Is Injuring Them (and You)

I remember back to my first few years as a trainer….

I had no clue about nutrition.

And this from a guy who ended up playing pro soccer in spite of eating a typical North American diet.

I was “taught” from some very high-up professors and college textbooks that eating lots of grains and tons of protein was essential for an athlete…and anyone who works out regularly, for that matter.

Unfortunately, my total neglect for proper nutrition led to me down the path of developing an auto-immune condition at 17 years old, having less energy than a dead battery, and constantly struggling with eczema breakouts and asthmatic attacks.

Thank god those days are long gone!

But still, MILLIONS of health conscious people, perhaps even your clients, have been led to believe the same nutrition nonsense that had infested my mind.

So why is it so important that you and your clients have a solid handle on the complex relationship between food and human health?

It’s simple…

Diet is 80% of the equation when it comes to losing weight, having more energy, and living a longer healthier life.

Even in rehab settings, better nutrition leads to better quality tissues, which means less soreness and stiffness. Imagine, a foam roller session that actually didn’t make you (or your clients) cry!

Yes, working out and following properly prescribed exercises is critical for strength, rehab, and creating a lean body, but we ALL know that “you cannot out train a bad diet.”

Teaching People How to Fish

I commend individuals like you because you’re committed to not only treating people of what ails them but you’re also in the game of educating them on how to take greater responsibility for their health and body.

And that, my friend, is the true meaning of the word doctor – to be a TEACHER.

Your clients don’t win when you simply tell them to do something. They win in the long run when they are informed and truly understand how to prevent problems from happening in the first place, right?

“Why is my knee hurting?” says the patient.

“I’m not sure yet but take these pills or just do these exercises and you’ll feel better” responds the practitioner.

That’s an all too familiar scenario in the medical and health field that needs to end.

Thankfully, you don’t do that.

And the same thing happens in the world of food and nutrition.

Here are some familiar conversations…

“You want to lose weight? Ok then, you got to try this diet that helped my aunt lose 30 lbs diet. All she ate was brown rice and bananas!”

It’s ridiculousness like this that is keeping our population sicker and fatter than ever before.

You and your clients don’t need another diet. In fact, we need another diet like the US needs another debt crisis!

Your clients need to be informed about how food and their body interact and not just take a leap of faith on the latest fad diet without much understanding of what’s it doing to them.

The TRUTH About Nutrition

There are certain facts that most health care professionals and nutritionists agree on. These must be understood before someone even decides to go on a diet.

You see, once you are aware of these facts (and fundamental concepts), you can make intelligent decisions about any particular diet and the theory upon which it is based.

Although we live in a world of speed and convenience, someone who loses weight quickly will regain it just as fast, if they continue jumping from one diet to the next rather than applying the basic fundamentals to their daily diet.

No diet will ever fix you (or your clients) UNLESS you (they) fix their habits and have a much better understanding of what food is doing to them.

When that happens, you (they) are in control. And that is how life-long health is created.

After all, how many fitness professionals are sick, fat, and out of shape? Maybe a few, but the vast majority of us walk the talk – at least most of the time, right?

And that’s because we KNOW the power of being fit, healthy, and strong. We’ve experienced it firsthand. We understand how the body works. We can literally see beneath the flesh and comprehend the consequences of certain exercises and treatments.

Now, what if you (and your clients) had that same understanding of nutrition? What if most of your frustrating and confusing nutrition questions could be answered? What if you didn’t have to spend hours scouring the web or reading books or magazines or enrolling in expenses CEC courses to master this knowledge?

Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Now, YOU become a trusted resource for your clients with regards to helping them eat healthier. Just another tool in your toolbox to helping them reach their ultimate health goals.

Plus, they can have the knowledge (and thus power) to overlook stupid diet gimmicks and truly understand how to eat for maximum health and vitality.

That’s the dream.

But that can’t happen if we continue down the same path that has led 66% of the North American population to be overweight and sick. The US spends the most money on healthcare but has the 74th ranked healthcare system in the world.

Obviously, it’s time for a change and that change is coming.

In order to really take your health to the next level, you need to rely on yourself – not someone else. Just like watching someone working out won’t make you strong, nor will following yet another diet get you any healthier.

Instead, what needs to be happen is for you (and your clients) to learn the fundamentals of nutrition. Once you understand how your body and food interact, then you will be able to make healthier and wiser choices.

Unfortunately, most of the information coming at us nowadays is superficial and conflicting at best. It leaves us confused, frustrated, and lost about what to do. Just look at how many people are still asking how much protein they should eat or whether fat is bad for us.

Millions of people are confused and it’s because they DON’T understand the basics.

Super Nutrition Academy is the only online nutrition course that solves this problem. In as little as 1 hour of learning per week, students can finally get the answers to their health and nutrition question in a “no B.S.”, science-backed, and easy to understand format.

No longer will you/they have to surf the web only to end up more confused than before. At last, the most pressing health and nutrition topics can be easily understood and mastered even for those who don’t have any formal education in health.

There is nothing like Super Nutrition Academy and that’s exactly why it was created – to empower the individual to become their own “health master” so they can finally be in control of their health!

Yuri Elkaim is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Kinesiologist, and the Strength & Conditioning Coach for men and women soccer program at the University of Toronto. He’s the best-selling author of Eating for Energy and the creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse.

As a former pro soccer player turned health and fitness leader, Yuri and his cutting-edge nutrition and fitness programs have helped more than 50,000 people around the world live healthier and fitter lives.