Why Fitness Professionals Should Be Giving Nutritional Advice

Why Fitness Professionals Should Be Giving Nutritional Advice

Today, I have another interview for you, and we are continuing on the theme of nutritional advice.

I interview Yuri Elkaim.

You know, Yuri.  You have seen him before on EFI.  I interviewed Yuri while I was at a fitness conference in California.  We did a quick interview on Pre-habilitation Concept.

Importance of Doing Pre-habilitation Exercises

Yuri is a strength coach for the men’s soccer team at the University of Toronto and the creator of: Super-Nutrition-Academy-with-Yuri-Elkaim-2

Yuri is a cool guy to hang out with and chat with.  I have been lucky to speak with him in Orange County, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

Now to the interview that we just did on nutrition.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.


CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

In the interview, Yuri Elkaim shares with you:

  • The importance of understanding nutrition so you can educate and empower your clients with the correct information
  • Things that the pharmaceutical industry has done to the medical community to increase drug use
  • The supplement industry wants you to believe you need to eat supplements to build muscle, but what does the research say?
  • Why training people are more accessible than giving nutrition advice
  • How making minor changes to his athletes’ eating habits has helped them out
  • Is it reasonable to eat six eggs a week?
  • It’s important of educating your client about nutrition so they can make better nutritional decisions
  • Why it is essential to balance what you experience with nutritional research
  • He was training clients but was not helping them with nutrition since he was a poor example of food.
  • He got an autoimmune disease, alopecia, and the medical community did not know what to do about it, but he found out what worked.
  • How a broken leg changed his life
  • Who is Yuri Elkaim?

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

Rick Kaselj, MS

A few things you need to know about listening to the interview:

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