Online Fitness Business Lessons from Vegas

Today is a different kind of post, I am going to chat about online fitness business.

Let’s start with something fun.

Look at what I ate on Saturday night:

It was a Tomahawk steak.

I have never had a steak with a handle.  It was good.

Now to the info.

As you know, I was in Las Vegas last weekend where I presented at a conference that was dedicated to fitness business. The conference was full of presenters that talked about online and offline fitness business marketing.

How Much Do I Study Fitness Business Marketing?

Before I get into what I learned at the conference, let me take a minute to let you know how much fitness business info that I study.

Every week I am working on my understanding and technical skill when it comes to exercises and injuries.  I read journal articles (make sure to check out 6 Must Read Journals ), work with clients, read key blogs and look for new exercises to help me out.

Also every week I spend equal or more time understanding fitness business with a strong focus on online.

What I mean with online is blogging, Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

If you want to get your hands on something fast that will help you out, this will:

Spending this time understanding and learning how things work online has allowed me to go from a local trainer to a global trainer.

What I Learned in Vegas

Let’s start off with the Hard Rock Hotel, which is an interesting place.  It definitely attracts a different clientele.

Secondly, let me look into my Black Book.  I have a nice black business notebook that I put all of my fitness business notes into.  I holds all of my ideas and the things I have learned.  You should do the same.

Facebook and Fitness Business

For anyone that is in the fitness business, Facebook is essential for your business.

The big thing with Facebook is to try to create interaction on Facebook.

I try to do that on the EFI Facebook Fan page by constantly giving stuff away.

Other thing is to be consistent and focus on photos.

Plus put your blog posts on Facebook as well.

I will keep it at that.

I go through A LOT more here – 17 Strategies to Getting Medical Referrals Using Social Media:

Importance of Writing in Fitness Business

One of the guys that presented was John Rominello.  John is a trainer in New York City and now mainly focuses on training clients online and writing.

John Romaniello

He talked about the importance of writing and how writing can lead to opportunities.  For him it has led to writing for major magazines and also an upcoming physical book.

He encouraged us all to take writing seriously and work on improving the craft so “Great writing = Great opportunity”.

I have taken this to heart and will work harder on improving my writing.

He explained that writing is not just the writing you do in magazines or physical books.  The writing on your blog is also very important as people can check out what you do and an opportunity may come out of it.

SEO and Fitness Business

Now this might be a bit geeky but SEO is search engine optimization which is making it easier for search engines to find you and your website.

Rick Porter talked about this.  He talked about a trend that he is seeing which is social signals.

Search engines are putting more weight on social signals.  Examples of social signals are Facebook Likes, Tweets and G+.  The search engines are feeling that these are better indicators of good content on the internet and more of an accurate reflection of what people like compared to other factors.

The lesson?  If you have a website, ask and encourage your readers to click on  your social signals as they are votes for your site and that specific page.

I hope that made sense.

To finish off.

This is what I finished off with at dinner:

The cake was okay.  I ate about 1/3 of it because it was not worth eating all of it.  The glass of milk was Homo milk which was a shock to my system.  Not sure when the last time I had homo milk was.  I had a sip of milk but I ate the whole chocolate stir stick.

Until next time.

Rick Kaselj, MS