Social Media for Your Fitness Business

Getting more clients is always a struggle for fitness professionals.

If you have wondered on how to use YouTube, Facebook and Your Blog to get them, I go through it here:

How to Use YouTube, Facebook and Your Blog to Get More Personal Training Clients

In the past, business cards and flyers were enough for personal trainers to get clients.  Now it is essential that personal trainers get online in order to connect with their clients and attract new clients.  The challenge of getting online is how to keep it simple and keep the costs low.  In this practical workshop, you will discover how to get online on a shoe string budget and how to use the tools that will get you more personal training clients.

What You Will Get Out of It:

  • A 5 step process of getting your fitness business online at little or no cost
  • The 7 must have elements your fitness website must have
  • The secrets to a successful and growing blog
  • Discover the best way to use YouTube to get more fitness clients
  • How to set up Facebook to help your friends out and get more clients

(Note: This product has been retired.)

About the Presenter – Rick Kaselj – MS., B.Sc., PK, CPT

Rick Kaselj is a fitness professional who uses YouTube, Facebook and his blog to connect with fitness professionals and training clients around the world.  Rick specializes in using exercise to help clients overcome injuries.  Rick shares with fitness professionals and public, the most effective exercises for injuries through courses, books, manuals and DVDs. You can see how Rick uses social media to connect with people around the word by visiting


If you are looking for other resources on getting more clients, check this out:

To get more information on the 17 Strategies to Getting Medical Referrals using Social Media, CLICK HERE.

Hope to see you at the course, if not, check out the video presentation.

Rick Kaselj, MS