Phone Booth Workout

Phone Booth Workout

Hey, what’s going on? This is Dennis Heenan, the creator of the Superhero Body. Today, I have a unique workout I created explicitly for Rick Kaselj and his readers at This is called the Phone Booth Workout.

We’ve got a unique workout that will consist of two different strength exercises and an anaerobic threshold exercise at the end of each circuit.

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#1 – Push Ups for 20 Seconds (Strength)

We are going to do Push Ups for 20 seconds.

Phone Booth Workout

We are going to do regular push-ups.

Phone Booth Workout

You can regress by doing it from the knees.

#2 – Split Squat for 20 Seconds (Strength)

Then we are going to go immediately into a Split Squat.

Phone Booth Workout

Split Squat

We are in a lunge position, dropping down and driving up around 20 seconds on each side.

#3 – Squat to Toes for 15 Repetitions (anabolic threshold)

Immediately from there, we will go into our Squat to Toes. What we want to picture here is we want to explode up as if we are going to do a squat jump.

I will show you what a squat jump looks like.

Phone Booth Workout

Squat Jump

That’s the squat jump right there, and that’s the move we want.

For the “Squat to Toes,” we are not leaving the ground for this. We will go into a squat, then drive up and push on those toes.


Squat to Toes

Squat to Toes is an explosive movement, and what we will do for that one is push that threshold. I want you to go as long as possible until you feel breathing hard or your form breaks down. You should feel exhausted. That’s where I want you to push towards each of those circuits you will be doing.

Push-up and Squat Circuit

We are going to go through the first circuit together.

We will do the 20 seconds push-ups, then 20 seconds of split squats on each side, and then 15 squats on the toes.

Again, if you can push past that, you want to keep going, keep doing that, and push until you feel that form breaking down or you feel like your lungs, or your legs are going to give out. That depends on how hard you want to push.

I have got my timer, and when you get ready to go, we have 20 seconds of push-ups to start with, and then we will take about 5 seconds of transition to get from the floor into the split squat, and then we are going to do 20 seconds on each side. We are going to start in 3, 2, 1 and go.

Try to get as many push-ups as you can in these 20 seconds. Keeping perfect form, you want to ensure you are going at a consistent pace here.

We got three, two, one, and done, doing about 5 second transition period from the floor to here.

We will start now with the split squats with no rest. If you want to have the 5-second transition to the next exercise, get your form set, and get a good base.

Almost done here, and we will switch. We will take that 5 seconds here and go.

Notice how I am driving up every time on this, keeping a good base. If you need to grab onto something to look for a little bit of a bounce, this will make it easier for you. So we have got one and done.

Now we will go into the squats on toes.

Remember, really exploding up, boom right there, and you will do 15.

Final Word

Keep going if you are home and feel like you can push further. Keep going until you feel those legs burning, and you get really out of breath and can stop. You are going to take a 60 to 90 seconds rest. You are going to repeat that circuit 3 times.

As you can see, just doing that right there, already a little bit out of breath. I know you are home, but again, take that 60 to 90 seconds, get that recovery going, and then push and get to that second and third set.

I hope you guys enjoyed this workout. If you want more exercises like this, click here and check out the Unlock Your Tight Shoulders.

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