Quick Easy Exercise to Ease Your Mid-Back Stiffness

Quick Easy Exercise to Ease Your Mid-Back Stiffness

I am back from my trip to Irvine and San Diego.

Last Saturday, I shared how I have been able to create a “go-to” blog and YouTube channel when it comes to injuries and pain. It was great!

Rick Kaselj Teaching in San Diego California

Like with all my presentations, people asked me about their specific injuries after I presented. It was a pleasure to help them.

Now, what I have for you today is a  second video when it comes to a quick and easy exercise that you can do to loosen up your back.

Most people sit frequently, and a common complaint is mid-back stiffness.

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This exercise is great if you are sitting a lot and are experiencing tension and stiffness in the mid-back. It hardly takes any room and it takes no equipment. This exercise is called the Lunge with Shoulder Rotation.

I had Donnalee demonstrate the exercise.

Level 1

Take a big step forward with your right leg. Bring your right arm over the inside of the leg and then bring both hands to the ground.

Lunge with Shoulder Rotation (Level 1 – Hands on the Floor)

Lunge with Shoulder Rotation (Level 1 – Hands on the Floor)

Some people are so tight that this is all they can do because of their hip and mid-back.

Level 2

Bring your hand to your head and then rotate through the shoulder to the level that you can. Return to the start and repeat.

Lunge with Shoulder Rotation (Level 2 –Shoulder Rotation)

Lunge with Shoulder Rotation (Level 2 –Shoulder Rotation)

Repetition-wise, start off with 3 repetitions and then you can progress to 5 to 10 repetitions. It should feel good – there shouldn’t be pain associated with this exercise.

Level 3

Straighten your arm and then do the shoulder rotation. With this exercise, we’re looking to get a stretch in front of the shoulder. Really work those mid-back muscles and really work on rotating that mid-back which is tight in most people.

Lunge with Shoulder Rotation (Level 3 – Arm to the Sky)

Lunge with Shoulder Rotation (Level 3 – Arm to the Sky)

Repeat this exercise on the other side. Remember, Level 1 is the hands-on floor. Level 2 is the ‘chicken wing’, and then Level 3 is the arm to the sky. Pick the level that is best for you.

This is an excellent exercise for opening up those hips. It helps to open up the shoulder and loosen up the mid-back, which is tight in so many people. Give that exercise a go.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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