Rick Kaselj’s Random Rambles

Rick Kaselj’s Random Rambles

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I just got another guest article posted by a very well-known fitness professional. It is another day for my random rambles.

Kaiser Serajuddin of Super-Trainer asked me to send him an article on the growing post-injury training industry. It was an honor to submit a report. You can check it out here:

Fitness Business Rising Star Tells All! (Enjoy This Special Guest Article From Injury Rehab Specialist Rick Kaselj)


Kind Words About Muscle Imbalances Revealed

I knew that Muscle Imbalances Revealed was unique and would be helping so many trainers, coaches, and therapists. Still, I did not think I would be staying up late after putting my kids to bed and packaging up DVDs that would be going to Alaska, Denmark, Russia, New Zealand, and China.

It has been amazing to help so many fitness professionals out there.

Here are the kind words of other happy Muscle Imbalances Revealed fitness professionals:

Hey Rick,

I’ve been a strength coach and trainer for over ten years, working primarily with master’s athletes, many of whom compete in endurance events such as marathons, triathlons, and biking. Muscle imbalances are prevalent in this population, so it’s a topic I’ve been researching for many years to help my clients avoid injury and improve their performance.

muscle imbalance

I’m very impressed with the quality of information presented in the MIR course, and it’s given me some great tools to add to my coaching toolbox. I believe the best way to build your business is to get your clients results, and I’ve done a six-figure business by providing excellent service to my clients. This course will help you do that. Clients who get results will rave about your skills, and nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing. This course will put you on the leading edge and separate you from the rest of the training crowd. It’s a solid investment that will pay for itself in no time.

Great job, Rick!

Curb Ivanic, MS, CSCS

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ultra Fitness – strength & conditioning for masters athletes

We’ll see you again on my next random rambles.

Rick Kaselj, MS ExerciseForInjuries.com

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