Scoliosis & Exercise Manual Details

Effective Exercises for Scoliosis

– Fitness Professional’s Guide to Exercise and Scoliosis –

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What is in the Scoliosis & Exercise Manual?

– 22 page report

– 50 minute CD with three interviews

– 177 page resource manual

What is in Each Part of the Scoliosis & Exercise Manual?

Scoliosis & Exercise REPORT

– 4 page research based article that highlights the key points when designing an exercise program for a client with scoliosis

– 1 page of resources to get more information on scoliosis and exercise

– 16 pages transcripts of the interview of the fitness professional, client and health care professional on scoliosis and exercise.

Scoliosis & Exercise INTERVIEW CD

– Audio cd that is 50 minutes in length with an interview from a fitness professional, client and health care professional on scoliosis and exercise.

– An interview with Ryan Ketchum who is a fitness professional and he provides his experience designing exercise programs for clients with scoliosis, plus he shares the keys that a fitness professionals should remember when designing an exercise program for a client with scoliosis

– An interview with a Simone Icough, who is a client that suffers from scoliosis.  She shares her experience with scoliosis surgery and how she manages scoliosis

– An interview with Dr. Will Kalla on providing his opinion on exercise for the scoliosis client.  He talks about exercise considerations for youth and older adults with scoliosis plus share new research in the area of scoliosis

Scoliosis & Exercise MANUAL

– Resource manual that is 177 pages in length

– 107 pages dedicated to theory behind scoliosis

– 75 pages dedicated to exercises for your client with Scoliosis

– has over 168 photos

– 78 different exercises for scoliosis

– 50 question distance education exam (3 to 4 Continuing Education Credits are pending.)

Topics Covered in the Scoliosis & Exercise Manual:

  • 3 Big Myths about Scoliosis and Exercise
  • 5 Main Benefits of Scoliosis and Exercise
  • The most effective yoga poses for scoliosis
  • 6 Components of a Your Scoliosis Client’s Exercise Program
  • Tips and tricks to modify your posture and body mechanics to decrease scoliosis back pain
  • The 6 risk factors will make your clients scoliosis worse
  • 4 Common Areas of the Scoliosis Curves
  • Learn the 7 different types of scoliosis and which one your client has
  • The 5 most common symptoms scoliosis clients have
  • What health complications can arise from scoliosis
  • How a quick scoliosis assessment of a teenager can help with their quality of life in later years
  • After a positive scoliosis screen, what tools are used to diagnosis scoliosis
  • The 3 ‘O’ medical treatment and management options for scoliosis
  • The most common scoliosis braces
  • Leading theory on what causes scoliosis

Who is the Scoliosis & Exercise Manual for?

The Scoliosis & Exercise manual is targeted for fitness & rehabilitation professionals that work in exercise rehabilitation, post rehab, with special populations and with clients with chronic disease.  The manual will give fitness & rehabilitation professionals a resource to work with a client with scoliosis.

Exercise professions that have purchased the manual:

  • Kinesiologist
  • Exercise Therapists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Personal Trainers
  • 3rd Age Instructors

Other professions that have purchased the manual:

  • Chiropractor
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Rehab Assistants
  • University Faculty
  • Pilates Studio Owner
  • Personal Training Studio Manager
  • Fitness Center Owner
  • Fitness Professionals in Rural Area

Continuing Education Credits

The Scoliosis & Exercise Program has been approved for:

  • 6 BCAK CEC
  • 6 CSEP PDC
  • 7 BCMT CEC

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Rick Kaselj, MS