Customer Feedback on Things

Customer Feedback on Things copy

The last few days I have gotten some great feedback on a few of the presentations, books, and courses I have done.

Have a look:

“I have been watching Muscle Imbalances Revealed this week. All the webinars have been very informative. I am a personal trainer in Sacramento California. It has been a tremendous help for me. I was referred to to your site by Eric Cressey‘s website. I have used several of his products with great result. I have attended Bryan College for a Degree in advanced health and fitness, as well; this has supplemented my education there very well. I am on the program advisory committee there, and will be recommending they include some  of your information if possible.  Thank you for your time.”

Bryan Bowen
Personal Trainer
Sacramento, California, USA

Effective Exercises for Scoliosis has substantive information about how to assist my clients with scoliosis.  I like the fact it has clearer information about nonstructural vs. structural scoliosis; explanations about possible causes.  I like how there was information included about breath and fluid movements included in yoga, because I have found both forms to be unbelievably useful for my clients with scoliosis prior to reading this coursework.” – Amy Vitt

“I attended your workshop last weekend: Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder.  I loved the positive learning environment and that questions and answers were encouraged throughout the workshop.  I really appreciate having the opportunity to discuss the shoulder limitations specific to my clients and receive your feedback.  This has made it easy for me to recommend specific exercises to my clients, as well as what exercises to have them avoid.   The workshop really extended beyond rehabilitation exercises and included valuable tips on preventative measures also.

Shoulder injuries can limit individuals from many sports and exercises.  As a trainer, developing an understanding of the reasons behind these limitations, ways of increasing joint mobility, and how to prevent further injury from developing, is key to my clients’ success.  Thank you for sharing your expertise!”

Burnaby, BC, Canada
BCRPA Weightroom Instructor

Thank you everyone for your feedback.

If you have some feedback on some of the stuff of mine you got, please send it to rick (at)

Rick Kaselj, MS