Shoulder Pain and the Kettlebell with Chris Lopez

I am down here in Denver and I ran into my close neighbor in Toronto, Chris LopezWe kept in touch via email or on the phone for the last 2 to 3 years.

It is exciting to run into Chris because he specializes in Kettlebell

Something that I found that benefits from utilizing the kettlebells is shoulder. So I wanted Chris to talk about the shoulder and kettlebells.

Take it away Chris.

Shoulder Pain & the Kettlebell

Chris Lopez: One of the baseless assumption that I find is that people get scared training with kettlebells initially because of shoulder issues or maybe because of low back pains as well.

We are going to talk about the shoulder and using kettlebell, why is it a great tool or equipment to use especially if you’ve got bad shoulders or if you want to get stronger shoulders.

If you will take a look at the way the kettlebell is shaped the way it fits in your arm when you are holding it especially if you are holding it on top. Unlike a common dumbbell it is not straight up and bound and the weight of the bell is not pushing straight down vertically on your arm. It is actually forcing your arm to a come a little bit further back and pull you into alignment because it’s the way it develops, the weight is behind the bar not right on the top.


By doing that what it does is it automatically gives you that stretching on the rib cage, a little bit of stretching in your lat, and then you find it all automatically pushing you into alignment. It pushes your shoulder into its sock.

It is the same as where you can see your ears and shoulders are placing and you find people pressing them and doing everything overhead they have the tendency to shorten their shoulders up. If your shoulders are shortened up then as you know it kind of pulls it out of the center.

So by using the kettlebell and focusing on the packing your shoulder and using that alignment with the kettlebell when you are lifting it over your head, it naturally pulls you into alignment and it centers your shoulder and really gets you to focus on keeping your shoulder locked-in in its socket.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. Thank you very much Chris, so where can people get more information on your?

Chris Lopez: It’s, that’s where you can find me, lots of great information there.


Take care and bye bye

Rick Kaselj, MS