Shoulder Pain Assessment

When working with clients who have shoulder pain, there are a number of assessment tools that can help identify the source of their pain. Understanding the cause of their pain will help you create an effective treatment plan for them. There are a variety of different sources from which shoulder pain can arise. Understanding which one is most likely to be the source of your client’s pain will help you create an appropriate treatment plan. Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain include arthritis, tendonitis, tendinosis, and impingement syndrome.

Here is a shoulder pain assessment for you.

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I go through a more detailed self-assessment in the Shoulder Pain Solved Program.

You must establish the nature of your client’s shoulder pain before you can treat it effectively. It’s crucial to determine what sort of shoulder pain your client is experiencing and why before you can help them. There are a variety of pain assessment tools you can use to discover the source of your client’s discomfort. Once you comprehend the nature of their pain, you can create a more effective strategy to help them recover.

Shoulder Pain Solved

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Rick Kaselj, MS