The Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors Update

I have been working with Dean Somerset on updating The Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors.

With the first version, we have gotten fantastic feedback.

Here are some of the kind words we have received about the program:

#1 – Feedback from First Version of Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors

“Hi Rick,

I just finished viewing all of the information.

I have to tell you that in the past 25 years that I have been a fitness professional this is hands down the best money I have ever spent on anything!

Thank you so much for bringing this to us.  I can’t wait to utilize the information in this presentation.”

Cindy Garvin

“Hi Rick,

Just replying about the Program for Cancer by Dean Somerset. It is a fantastic looking programme. I will be sharing it with some of my family members who have cancer, and need some encouragement. Thanks for contacting me about it.”

Jim Smith

“The Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors is a very helpful and informative series of videos. Thank you!”

Eva Czyzewska

“The information in The Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors was great and filled in a lot of gaps that the ACSM guidelines don’t cover.”

Pamela Brown
Exercise Physiologist
Athens, AL

“Hi Rick,

I just received the Ultimate Guide for Cancer Survivors. I’m a Personal 
Trainer and group instructor and I teach a group class where the majority of 
participants are breast cancer survivors. I really enjoy it.”


June Hart

I will have all the updates done and sent to everyone that has the program.

Plus, we are constantly updating the program. If you have the program, you will get those updates for free.

Let’s get into what is new.

#2 – Updated Video Presentation

Dean has updated the video presentation and added a bunch of new stuff.

This is what Dean has added in the new recording:

  1. Periodized workout program for treatment schedule
  2. Progressions to use through the treatment process
  3. How to increase fitness safely and effectively

With the presentation update, we have improved the audio quality.

#3 – Continuing Education Credits and Units (CECs and CEUs)

We have submitted the Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors for continuing education credits and units.

We have gotten approval from these fitness associations:

  • BCAK
  • CSEP

If your association is not listed, no worries. Every association has a way of petitioning a course or challenging a course. Please contact the fitness association you are a member of and ask how you can demand a course for CECs or CEUs.

#4 – Interview with Dean Somerset

I have gotten some great questions about the program.

I just asked Dean those questions and recorded his responses.

This is what Dean shares in the interview, and we have added this to the program:

  • Are there any contraindicated movements that are for someone that has cancer?
  • Dean’s assessment process for a post-rehab exercise program for a client with cancer
  • A critical test to do with a cancer client
  • The average length of time that Dean trains his cancer clients
  • Leukemia and exercise
  • Exercise considerations for those with Brain Cancer
  • What is new with the program
  • Who is Dean Somerset for those who don’t know him
  • What is coming up in the future for the program

#5 – What is Coming Up with Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors

A complete workout program will come shortly, with exercises, progressions, and a schedule to use with a cancer patient’s treatment schedule to get the best results possible.

#6 – $10 of Each Order this Week will Be Donated

This Saturday is my hometown’s Relay for Life in Coquitlam, BC.

They have asked me to come to the Wellness Tent and talk to people about exercise and cancer.

I am very excited to do this and happy they asked me to come out and help.

I talked with Dean, and we will donate $10 of every sale of the Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors to the Relay for Life for this week.

It would be great to bring an excellent gift on your behalf.

If you would like to order the program, CLICK HERE.

If you are at the event, make sure to come and visit me.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Here are some clips from the Cancer and Exercise program:

Sample Cancer Exercise Program

Common Cancer Exercise Problems