Something for Health and Fitness Professionals

May has been a heavy month of travel.

Last week I was in San Diego at a Mastermind Meeting with over 50 fitness professionals from all kinds of specializations. (I like the variety as this is the future of health and fitness, specialization.)

On the Friday, I got a chance to present to the Mastermind and I talked about how to connect with other people that have blogs, Facebook Fan Pages and YouTube channels in order to help each other out.

Here is a photo of me, in action:


(Yes, I know, nice shorts.)

If you are a fitness or health professional and you could not make it, I did a podcast where I talked about what I do with my blog, Facebook Fan Page and YouTube channel.

You can check out the interview here.

Enjoy the interview and I hope to see you at a future mastermind.

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – One last thing. If you need CECs or CEUs, check this out.

I have put on a number of my products that where you can earn CECs and CEUs for the Victoria Day Weekend (It is a Canadian thing.) If you need CECs or CEUs, you can get them here for 60% off.

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