The Challenge of Finding the Time and Money

I have been teaching live courses since 1999 and I have taught thousands of professionals and members of the public. A big thing that I have noticed, over the last few years, is a decrease in people attending live courses. I know with myself, I might attend 2 to 3 live events. While ten years ago it was around 6.

One that I attended this year was the Monster Mobility Live seminar with Dean Somerset in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

(It was a great seminar.)

The next event that I am going to is TT Summit in San Diego. (I know, I was in San Diego last week.) When making the decision on if I should go, I had to know that I was going to have to take a day off from work to travel, pay for my flight and pay for the event. I guess it is going to cost me about $1250.

I know it is a big hit in time and cost but I know it will be well worth to go as I am going to see old friends, learn from great presenters and visit the great city of San Diego. Because of the big hits of time and money, I am seeing more health and fitness professionals doing distance education courses.

With distance education courses there is no missed work, no travel costs and no conference fees. I have a number of distance education courses that fitness and health professionals can do at anytime, anywhere and at a very affordable price. Since, up here in Canada, it is Victoria Day, I am putting a number of them on sale for 60% off.

If you are a health or fitness professional and need CECs or CEUs, you can get a number of my most popular distance education courses at 60% off, here:

Rick Kaselj, MS

P.S. – Before I go. If you do go to San Diego, make sure to visit Legoland. It is so cool for kids and Adults. I mean, look at this…

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