Suspension Revolution with Dan Long

Suspension Revolution with Dan Long

The Suspension Revolution Exercise will help you get a firm grasp on this thrilling form of exercise. Get ready to be suspended from all kinds of things: rings, ropes, and even fingertips.

Let me give you a quick overview of this unbelievable exercise. 

Suspension training is a type of workout that uses anchor points to create resistance. The trainer can move with ease because no weight is lifted. Instead, the user’s body weight works as resistance while they move and work for specific muscle groups. lifted

In January, I was in Tampa Bay, Florida, and I got to experience the Dan Long Suspension Revolution.

Let me show you one of the exercises he got us to do:

Crazy Suspension Exercise (Try it if you Dare)

Let me provide you with a little of a flashback story to the above video.

I was in Tampa Bay to attend a fitness event organized by Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni of Biotrust Nutrition. There were about 100 fitness professionals from around the world. Joel managed a workout at Powerhouse Gym, a famous gym in Tampa Bay, for one of the events. 

The gym is full of a “who’s who” of people that train there. There were numerous professional athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders.

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension training involves the use of straps or ropes that are suspended from overhead anchors or bars. You can use your body weight to create a resistance similar to what you’d feel with free weights or resistance bands. You have to adjust your body position to change the intensity of the exercise and target different muscle groups.

People call suspension training suspension. Several suspension systems are available, including hammocks, rings, and barbells.

One of the guys that workouts out of there is Ben “Pacman” Pakulski:

He is a good Canadian Kid, plus full of fitness knowledge that is based on science (I like that). It was cool to say “hi” to Ben at the gym and chat with him after his workout. 

Okay, back to the workout at Pumphouse.

Dan and his head trainer, Forbes, took a group of us through a Kill Mode training session.

Kill Mode Personal TrainingForbes had us in the turf toy area doing stuff with ropes, kettlebells, tires, sleds, medicine balls, sledgehammers, and whatever else he could find.

Thanks for the great workout, Forbes. Getting a good sweat and messing up the hair always feels good.


Second Half of the Suspension Revolution Workout

The second half of the workout was with Dan in the “Yellow Room” (You can see it in the video above).

From the gym, you can not see the “Yellow Room.” It is fully yellow with suspension equipment hanging from the ceiling. Somebody will guide you to the room and your head on in it.

Dan started us off light, performing bridge, plank, and push-up variations. Then he cranked it up and got us to try the crazy “Suspension Swan Dive.”

Dan was perfect when performing it. But for the rest of us, it looked more like a crashing swan.

Dan-Long-and-Rick-Kaselj (2)It was a great suspension workout.

The suspension exercise is a tough one. Many people can’t do it.

But think of its benefits to your body and mind. 

Suspension Revolution Training

Suspension revolution training is a great way to exercise while reducing stress and improving your mood. It’s something that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level. It’s also a great way to get fit at any age. People forget that strength training can help maintain mobility as you get older. It’s something that everyone should do.

If you would like to experience a little of Dan Long’s workout, you can check out this Suspension Revolution program.

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Rick Kaselj, MS