Suspension Training Exercises for a Shoulder Injury

Suspension Training Exercises for a Shoulder Injury

I am here in my home. I wanted to go through the Suspension Star Routine, shoulder exercises with a suspension trainer.

Why do the Suspension Star Routine?

I will perform several shoulder exercises with the suspension trainer to work on shoulder health.

Activating those smaller muscles around the shoulder joint and the shoulder blade is vital. The groups of muscles included are the scapular and rotator cuff muscles.

When doing shoulder health exercises, you want to challenge those stabilizing muscles, improve their activation, work on the endurance of those muscles and work on the strength of those muscles at different ranges of motion.

The Movements that I will make for the Suspension Star Routine

I find the suspension trainer is a great exercise tool to use to work on your shoulder health and shoulder injury prevention.

This Suspension Star Routine is something that I give to my clients or do by myself. You end up utilizing some suspension trainer. For me, I have this Ztrainer, which is a suspension training device from Britain. I have it hooked up to my bathroom door and set it to the height that works for me. Then I go through the suspension star routine.

And what I am doing is I am taking the shoulder through various ranges of motion. Some people might know about the I’s, T’s, and Y’s variations on them. I am utilizing my body weight. I am utilizing the suspension trainer when doing the I’s, T’s, and Y’s. But I ended up doing a little bit more. I will end up doing I’s so straight overhead, Y’s, and I will end up moving toT’s, and then I will do anN, then I will do the position of the I.

Suspension Training Exercises

So I end up going through all those different ranges of motion. With those different ranges of motion, I challenge those scapular muscles and the rotator cuff muscles at those different ranges of motion. I am working on those muscles’ activation, endurance, and strength.

I am sorry, this isn’t exactly a perfect setup for the camera. But this is the only angle that works to go through the exercises. What I will end up doing will do one repetition on each of those positions. And I will go through the circuit 5 to 10 times.

TheThere’sthing more to add when it comes to the trainer. One thing I want to comment on is the slope that I end up having my body at. The more upright I am, the less challenging it is. The steeper the slope, the more bodyweight is put into the suspension trainer. And the more challenging the exercise is. So what I am going to do will end up going on a small slope to go through the exercises.

How to do the Suspension Star Routine?

I grab the Ztrainer, and I will go through the exercises, and I will talk as I go through them.

I ended up slowly and controlled going into that “I” “a” d, then I slowly come back to straight, and then I am going to that “Y” “p” position. Bringing myself to the upright and back down. I am doing my best to have those scapular muscles doing the work as opposed to my upper traps and deltoid.

I find the return ends up being important. So I am coming out to the side, and then I am returning to the start. Coming out the side is working on that “T” “a” d coming back down. That ends up being the T, the N, and then I end up going to that reverse “I.” S” lets through it one more time.

Suspension Training Exercises_2

So there you go, which ends up being the Suspension Star Routine I go through to work on shoulder health and injury prevention. The suspension trainer works well when it comes to doing that exercise. If you have a suspension trainer, give it a try and go through that I, Y, T, N, and that inverted I. Could you give it a go?

Take care and bye-bye!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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