Hip Pain is the New Lower Back Pain

Lets move on to prediction #5 for 2011.   We all know about the lower back being the number one injury when it comes to clients that exercise.   An injury that I have seen […]

What I do When a Back Flare Up Hits

Yesterday I has my first back flare up in about two years. I was a work and I was in an awkward posture lifting something.  As soon as I lifted, I felt that little click.  […]

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Back

Exercise Rehabilitation of the Lower Back DESCRIPTION: In a clinic or rehabilitation centre, the most common “trouble” area is the back.  In this practical and hands on course, the most common back injuries will be […]

Bulletproofing Your Clients Knees and Lower Back with Mike Robertson

When I was in Indianapolis earlier this year at the NCAA Final Four, I stopped by to visit Mike Robertson and we did a quick video for you. . Mike and I did a quick […]

Bootcamp Back Pain Exercises

Bootcamps are on the rise. Bootcamp injuries are also on the rise. If you are a bootcamp instructor, make sure the injuries your bootcampers encounter are on the decline. I got this e-mail from an […]

Fend Off Lower Back Pain at a Conference

When I was in Orlando at a conference, I was sitting there and I could feel the lower back pain building up in my back. I wanted to share with you a few tips on […]