Tony Toohey

My hips are starting to get back to normal lately thanks to the exercises in the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” Video, sensational little work out.

I also found that doing some of the standing stretch exercises in the pool works for me too, I did this last night with great results.

Thanks for your consideration mate hope to hear from you more in the future.

Tony Toohey
Commercial Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Duct Installer
Chatswood, NSW Australia

Tracy Walker

I just wanted to say thank you for providing what I needed to resolve my hip problem! I have been lifting weights since February of last year, but it has only been in the last 2 or 3 months that I noticed a problem in my right hip.

I downloaded your Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises, went through them, and felt good afterwards. I went through work all day with no pain and no pain medication. Yeah!!

Thanks so much for a simple answer to a problem I have been dealing with for months. Very few people seem to understand this issue, so I have been spreading the word.

Tracy Walker
Registered Nurse
North Carolina, USA


I am noticing much improvement, and I have to say that 5 Tricks That Fight Hip Pain and Tightness program is combined with so many exercises. This network of leaders in the field of health and wellness is so amazing.

I think the video on the 5 Tricks That Fight Hip Pain and Tightness program has been very helpful. Each time I use it is I realize that the moves are good for me. Also the awareness of balance in the muscles is coming to my attention.

Thank you,


My knee had become unstable as I have no ACL so it caused pain when I went out hiking.

After using the Fix My Knee Pain program, I have seen an improvement in stability. It gives me a routine to work through. I use it in conjunction with other knee strengthening exercises and the hip flexors and hamstring exercises.

Fix My Knee Pain is an easy to follow programme which addresses knee issues, but you need to be disciplined and use it regularly.

Shona McKee
Wanaka, New Zealand

Thomas Mcgowan

I have a terrific experience with the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” exercise program!

I am a 71 year old, a golf enthusiast, and had been experiencing sciatica type pain in my left hip for some time. Thankfully by following your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program daily, I am now totally free of hip pain.

Many thanks for your help!

Thomas Mcgowan
Retired Marketing Executive
Dublin, Ireland

Shelley Watson

Your exercises have changed my life. I have been in constant pain for 15 years. The worst has been the last 2 years. The series of stretches on the video and the information in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program have been a blessing! Thank you!

Shelley Watson
Retired Executive Assistant
Carmel, Calif.

Isabelle Favreau

After a week of doing Rick Kaselj’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, I am noticing a big difference in my mobility and most certainly, a decrease in the pain.

The exercises are certainly better than what my physiotherapist prescribed. The latter only increased the pain.

When I do the hip flexor exercises in the sequence that is shown, my body seems to know that these movements are exactly right.

I like the program. I like how Rick uses the model to demonstrate the exercises. I appreciate how he has responded to feedback and has offered alternatives to the first exercises. His knowledge and genuine caring is very obvious.

Thank you Rick!

Isabelle Favreau
Saskatoon, Sk. Canada


My low back used to be very stiff and tired regardless of how much I stretch or exercise. I’ve been doing the flow routine for about a week now and notice improvements in the stiffness.

The best thing about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program are the specific routine to follow. This program is very helpful!

Jennifer C.
Professional Hair Stylist


Thank you for being the genius who will show me how to get better as I get older, I will tell you that I could feel a significant improvement in my gait after only two sessions of your exercises. I have osteoarthritis, bone-on-bone knees, a history of sore hips, an undiagnosable (according to 14 MDs) neuropathy that makes me unstable walking and gives me the sensation that I’m stepping on pebbles although I do not have diabetes. I do daily taiji and yoga, and workout dog-paddling in the ocean 30 to 60 minutes. Nothing improved my staggering, stiff-legged gait until I did your exercises twice.

What I love about Unlock Your Hip Flexors; 1) it’s easy to do, 2) doesn’t require equipment or a gym (because I live on a very limited budget), 3) it makes sense according to all of my martial arts and yoga training as well as my personal experience with back, hip, and knee pain, and 4) best of all, I can do it myself which is how I most like to train.

Thank you Rick for addressing a need no other health professional has helped me with. You are my hero and savior! I am confident your program will provide even more benefit to me and I have downloaded the Advanced Hip Flexor Exercises. I promise to report my success to you.

Lei Ho
Honolulu, Hawaii


I have a terrific experience with the “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” exercise program!

I am a 71 year old, a golf enthusiast, and had been experiencing sciatica type pain in my left hip for some time. Thankfully by following your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program daily, I am now totally free of hip pain.

Many thanks for your help!

Thomas Mcgowan
Retired Marketing Executive
Dublin, Ireland

Henri Martin

The Forward Head Posture Fix is a great tool to re-balance the whole body.

Before trying the Forward Head Posture Fix program, I felt many tensions and stiffness despite a daily yoga and Tai Chi practice. After trying the program, my vision improved and the stiffness in my neck decreased.

Thank you Rick for this program!

Henri Martin
Orsa Sweden


Eight years ago, I started suffering from pain. Since then, I have a chiropractic treatment twice a month but in the beginning I had treatments 3 times a week.

After using the Forward Head Posture Fix program for three times, I feel great. After watching the video, I saw exactly the issues I have, and the same talks I have with my chiropractor. I’m assuming that I will need to leave my chiropractor now and doing this exercise will bring me to live a better life even when growing older.

Forward Head Posture Fix matched all the issues that I have and it gives the way on how to fix them. I certainly will recommend it!

Shai Mizrachi


I wanted to email to say THANK YOU for this manual. Could not have been more perfect timing for me, my neck is a mess. Despite stand up desks, treadmills, yoga, I find myself with tingling in left arm, on planes, trains and cars way too much. The chiro says it is due to double crush syndrome so I have declared war on making it better. This popped into my inbox just a few days after seeing a new chiropractor in NYC.

I love the exercises in the Forward Head Posture Fix program and have started doing almost all of them daily. Excellent set of moves that can be accomplished in my car (almost), at work and at home.

Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

Thank you, Rick!


I am floored by how well this worked! I do yoga on a regular basis, but I could not get rid of my constant hip pain. I went through the whole set of exercises on a Sunday. By Tuesday, I realized that my hips had stopped hurting. Well done!

Your Unlock Your Hip Flexors book taught me how bad sitting is for my psoas muscles and the cascading negative things that can happen to the body and mind from having tight hip flexors. Usually I would go right into the stretches, but your book taught me that the hips have to be unlocked in a progressive order- or I could make my problem worse.

I think that the dynamic first step of swinging the legs was a real help as it loosened me up and brought blood and warmth to my muscles!

Thank you, Rick!
Celina, Ohio.


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is a life-changer no matter where you are on the athletic spectrum. I have always been a reasonably active person but it came to a point when I was doing less and less because of unexplained back, hip, and knee pain until I tried this program.

I am almost pain-free when I walk and lift my legs for any reason. I have recommended this to my mom and brother, who both suffer from knee and hip pain!

Thank you for helping us out, Rick!

Betsy C.
Nashville, Tennessee


My life was going “Okay”, but needed to find some other ways of strengthening my body and now I found your Invincible Core program. The exercises are helping me achieve that goal. I also had some injuries before and this program is helping me with my lower back and hip flexors.

I will describe Invincible Core program as the safest way to exercise or strengthen your body, especially if your body has certain issues or limitations, etc. It’s not a “kill yourself trying to do them” program.

Have a great day,
Larry Vaught
1st degree black belt in Kempo Karate
Professional musician/percussionist/drummer
Roseville, California


After the first week of doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises, my hips stopped hurting. I can already tell that the flexibility has improved. It’s amazing!

I can also do the exercises at my workstation, usually in the morning before starting my day. I also appreciated the alternate exercises offered. The ability to download the videos to my tablet is a huge plus, I can take them with me wherever and review my technique to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

Mobility is critical as you get older. Along with balance and weight lifting, you can feel younger and reverse the effects of years of bad habits by using the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises.

Ted Phipps
Computer Consultant
Washington, DC

Jim Tallman

I’ve had much better success with your Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, however, which I got a few months ago. I’ve had a problem with the fascia in my left glute/thigh for over three years. It got to where I could hardly go up stairs, and would wake up two or three times each night from the pain/discomfort. I tried yoga, two different physiotherapists, a prescription topical cream from my doctor, foam rolling, massage and 222’s. None of these were very effective.

However, I started doing the exercises in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program three or four months ago, and the problem has gone away. I can walk up stairs with no problem and don’t wake up in the night from the pain. I do the exercises every day without fail and the pain is gone and most of the stiffness as well. I plan to keep doing the program for at least several months, if not forever, to make sure the problem stays away. Your program is the only one that has worked. So I have to say it’s a great program!

Jim Tallman
Industrial Training Consultant
Langley, BC


Thank you for the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. It has helped my lower back pain.

I am a hairstylist who had abdominal surgery to move tissue and a blood vessel when I had breast reconstruction 2 years ago. I also had back surgery to fuse L4 & L5 & SI . I have a 34 degree scoliosis curvature as well. So over the last few years, I had tried just about everything to get relief from my lower back pain.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has made me relatively pain free during my 10-hour days standing. I have a small amount of regret because I spent over $10,000 in the last 2 years between physical therapy, private yoga instruction, Pilates classes and massage. Even my orthopedic surgeon was trying to get me to do scoliosis surgery to correct my curvature. Who would have thought it was tight hip flexors.

Thanks a million. I am recommending the program to everyone. Next, I am going to move onto adding the Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings. I am very excited by the results.

Suzzanne Pastrof
Hairstylist and Owner of Scissorhands Salon
Rockaway, NJ USA


I just wanted to firstly say thank you for making this program because unlocking my hip flexor has helped me a great deal.

My life before the Unlock Your Hip Flexors was not the best. I’ve been doing the program for about a week and a half and I definitely feel the tension starting to loosen up in the hips.

The best thing about Unlock Your Hip Flexors is the 90-90 stretch. I definitely feel that one and also when I lean to the sides. I don’t have any complaints about the program. It’s great and straightforward. I would say it’s a great way to increase mobility and flexibility in the hips. I do squats and this program helps me get a deeper squat.

Thanks Rick for your program!

Gary Mcclough
Pittsburg, California

Line Brix Frandsen

Thank you so much for this fantastic program for unlocking hip flexors!

I have followed the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program for just 10 days and done it every day at least once and I have felt better. I got an undiagnosed hip injury three years ago. I have hip impingement pain and my hip has locked external rotation so that I only have 30% of normal range of motion.

I have been through lots of physios, chiropractors, osteopaths, Body SDS, massage, trigger point treatment and fascia stretching treatments but the best result has come from these 10 days. I am very happy and impressed.

Line Brix Frandsen
Former 9 time Ironman Athlete
Senior Consultant
Ballerup, Denmark


The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program was affordable, effective and manageable in terms of time!

I don’t usually buy stuff like this off the internet, but I realized that I would pay over 4x as much for one copay to the doctor or physical therapist. I was not wanting to start a prolonged round of P.T. as I have had to do in the past. But the pain and lack of sleep almost had me throw in the towel and try to fit the P.T into my life again.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is very manageable, gentle, with strategically sequenced exercises which eliminated my back pain very quickly and effectively.

Regina Garriott


Before using the modified version, I could barely even get out of bed. Tons of pain, what I call screaming pain. The doctors say surgery with about six rods is the only solution. I have been putting off surgery for about fifteen years.

I am so happy that the moves from Unlock Your Hip Flexors help. I can get out of bed with bearable discomfort after doing the stretches.

Thank you so much!

Donna Coene,
Rochester, NY

Arleen Sugano

You and your work are awesome!

I’m trying to do the same for ballet dancers by streamlining the approach to ballet training methodology so the movement is efficient, reduces the risk of injury and creates longevity for the dancer. Your work has inspired me to keep going. It’s also got me thinking how I could incorporate some of your training for iliopsoas stretching and strengthening (I’m a big fan).

Thank you for the inspiration. Now I need to get back to your work on Rotator Cuff Injuries, a condition I’ve gotten through a mother (she’s 90) who hangs onto my arm and my lifting those dancers’ legs!

All the best!
Arleen Sugano
Ballet Coach / Instructor
Little Rock, AR

David Riordan

I have been retired since December 2011. I have been trying to get in shape. Blood pressure was 160/100 – it is now 110/70 without meds!

The Invincible Core is helping me reach the goals I have for my age. The best thing about Invincible Core is I can refer to it whenever I want and I like the videos. It’s a a great way to get a stronger core.

David Riordan
Speedway, Indiana

Chad Bower

The Invincible Core program has detailed progression and regression exercises. It is a simple progressive system to teach basic core movements.

Chad Bower
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Fallston Maryland

Robert Hensler

I love the progressions, something for just about every fitness level, plus a logical sequence from the very simple (a person like me in the initial stages of surgery rehab) to the most complex. The options of doing the exercises against the wall, on the floor, with just hands, incorporating additional body parts add to the eventual intensity and overload to improve. I also really like the follow on videos that one can use after understanding the underlying principles involved. The foam rolling videos are also great, since there is a lot of bogus technique floating around on the Internet about same.

The Invincible Core program is a comprehensive and progressive guide to core stability and strength oriented on continual improvement with built in injury prevention and options on specific exercises for a variety of fitness levels.

Robert Hensler
Retired U.S. Army Officer
West Point, NY

Astrid Jean Lewis

I have been adding your Invincible Core exercises into my program and it has helped me a lot with reducing the pain to almost feeling no pain at all and I am able to do those movements that I was careful with.

The best thing about Invincible Core is that you explain everything in detail which I find very helpful in understanding what needs to be done correctly. I would describe it as a very safe and effective way of exercising the body as a whole.

Thank you!

Take care,

Astrid Jean Lewis
Belly dance and danzAcise teacher
Johannesburg, South Africa


What I like the most with Fix My Shoulder Pain program is that the exercises you give us are not your “typical” exercises that you see everywhere else and they work! I have the shoulder version as I have frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff and tendinitis.I have been going to Physical Therapy which has been good – however I’ve been able to share a few of your exercises that worked for me with my physical therapist which took him by surprise!

Thank you!



Before ordering the Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days program, the pain seemed to stay as an ache in the arch of my foot, even when sitting down. Walking any distance was out of the question, so my life slowed down to not much more than sitting.After using the Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days, I noticed a difference by the second morning. I was able to get up out of bed without the immediate pain and stiffness I am use to experiencing in the morning. I am now able to walk 1.5 miles without pain during or after my walk.That is exciting!The best thing about the Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days is it is an easy program and of course that it works. It is the one thing that works. I was in constant pain before I started the program and now I am able to take walks with my husband pain free. I am very familiar with trigger point therapy, but I did not know the correct exercises or trigger points to stop the pain. This program hit the nail on the head, worth the money.

Thank you,

Jennifer Dixon
Payroll Supervisor, CPP
Wenatchee, WA


The best thing about the Tennis Elbow Pain Solution Program is it’s easy to implement, requires minimal equipment and can be done anywhere. I would recommend this program!Thanks and regards,

Radhakrishna K.
Sacramento, CA


The Ruthless Mobility program will enable me to help people transform from PT to regular exercise.I was able to gain a different perspective on movement throughout the body. This course has great new exercises and coaching cues.

Joe Currie
Personal Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Sylvan Lake, MI


The best things about the Ankle Sprain Solved program are the detailed exercises with multiple levels for each and pictures to remind you of what is which if you forget.I would describe the video as thorough and helpful to allow both a trainer or a person alone at home to use the tools to get the ankle better. The information is there, you just have to use it!

Judy Schwer
Network Engineer
Marin County, Northern California


I am making progress with my frozen shoulder. My chiropractor is impressed.The best thing about the Frozen Shoulder Solution Program is the thoroughness of the information presented and the research behind it. The nature of frozen shoulder is the fact it takes awhile to resolve.This is the second time with frozen shoulder and I’m making progress quicker than the last time. I believe the frozen shoulder program is working. I would describe the program to someone else as thorough and comprehensive and detailed with all the baby steps to get there.

Karen Kalish


Before, I had bad posture, slight forward head, rounded shoulders, and lower back always ready to pain. The Bodyweight Corrective Exercises 2.0 has easy to follow videos and instructions. The program is brilliant!I have been ‘Evangelizing’ about Exercises for Injuries and Rick Kaselj to quite a few of the other older gym crew already!

Nigel Griffiths


I love the pictures and the exercise descriptions int Bodyweight Corrective Exercises 2.0. The very best thing is that you tell which muscles are being used, the regressions and the progressions and what can go wrong.I am very thankful to have the program. I would tell another person that BWCE 2.0 is a great resource to have with great pictures and exercise descriptions. It is obvious you put a great deal of work into the program and I think it is well worth the money I paid for it.Thanks,

Lori B. Havas
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
Eugene, OR


“With the Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises program, I will be able to give my clients better information to assist them in their rotator cuff rehab.

It’s an excellent refresher in anatomy and has excellent practical tools and exercises.”

Kate Douglass, RMT
Vancouver, Canada

Mark Cibrario

“Love the manual, great job, detail separates mediocre and magnificent.

I would say that we have thrown around the term becoming bulletproof for a few years now, but I feel your Bodyweight Corrective Exercises 2.0 product is vital in creating a bulletproof body without imbalances and asymmetries. You need to screen yourself though and check your body like a pilot checks his control panel. Find a weakness and kill it.”


Mark Cibrario
Owner – The Trainers Club


“The best thing about the  Sacroiliac Pain Solution Program  is the video simply worked!

The presentation is easy to comprehend and apply to your clients training sessions.”

James Aaron VanDeSpyker

Finance Manger
Amarillo, Texas

Siow Tert Jack

“I have already started some of the exercises in the Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises program in my own training regime.

Now I have more knowledge with regard to rotator cuff and have more confidence when dealing with clients in need of rotator cuff related exercises.

Keep up the good work!”

Siow Tert Jack
Personal Trainer
Kuala Lumpur

Marco Mura

“I had a shoulder pain for about 5 months. The rest and the supplements prescribed by the orthopedic never worked at all. The diagnosis was wrong (subscapularis tear) because it’s a right shoulder impingement. I am an athlete and being out of the battle is driving me crazy.

The Fix My Shoulder Pain program gave me a deep knowledge about the issues in my shoulder. Now, I am starting to train again. The knowledge I gained from the Fix My Shoulder Pain program enabled me to move and perform better. With every move I do, I can figure out what can damage the shoulder joint and which is the best pattern move to accomplish the action.

The simple but effective way to understand the cause-effect issues on the joint was explained by Rick in a very professional manner. Thank you Rick, you saved my career!”

Marco Mura
Professional Forester
Sardegna, Italy

Kayla Stevenson

“The Fix My Shoulder Pain program has helped me greatly. I am going to regular physio therapy and your program has enhanced the program I am already on. My shoulder injury is complex – some impingement, a bit of frozen shoulder, some tendonitis and rotator cuff soreness. But now, I understand it better. Thanks to your comprehensive information.

The Fix My Shoulder Pain program fits in perfectly with my physiotherapist’s program. After six months of hard work, I have much more range of motion and less and less pain every day. It’s a long term project.

I love the demonstrations in the Fix My Shoulder Pain program and they are very helpful.”

Kayla Stevenson


“My life before 50 filler exercise was kind of good. I have no real problems with injuries or pain.

Last autumn, I had an accident and broke 3 bones in my left foot (Metatarsal 2,3,4). I recovered well from it but sometimes I feel uncomfortable pain in my ankle especially when I take my long walks/runs along the river.

I tried 50 Filler Exercise chapter 4: ankle filler exercise and they work. Whenever it starts hurting in my ankle, I briefly do the exercises and I´m good to go. They are very useful. Thank you for that.

The best things about the program are the exact demonstration and instruction on when and how to use it, and the powerful good choices of exercises and movements which most them I have never seen before.”

Manfred Meinlschmidt
Bavaria, Germany


“Thanks for part 3 about the core myth workouts. I am still waiting for the best exercises for the glutes.Thanks Rick. You are an amazing guy.”

Sharon Matsubara

Anna Haltrecht

“I recently purchased your $5 try out deal for your MIR series. So far I have listened to about half the program. It fits with my thinking of whole body organization & I also found it has inspired me to add more “big body” movements into my practice. I look forward to learning more as I continue to watch the MIR program.

I also appreciate continually receiving updates on the original webinars.”


Anna Haltrecht
Feldenkrais Practitioner – Bones for Life Trainer – Sounder Sleep Teacher
Salt Spring Island, B.C.


I work with a lot of beginners who need some correction or mobility work and the Ruthless Mobility course gave exactly that.

It has practical exercises that I can put to use and a lot of information about fascia.

Shelby Stover
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Certified Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Pole Instructor
Precision Nutrition Certified
London, Ontario, Canada

Mark Young

Muscle Imbalances Revealed gives you a chance to learn from some of the very best in the world from the comfort of your own living room on your own schedule. Forget finding time to get away, costly travel expenses, flight delays, and hotel booking nightmares. You can do it all from home!

Frankly, I have a responsibility to my clients to stay on the cutting edge of this industry, but I hate taking time away from them and my family. With Muscle Imbalances Revealed, I can stay at the top of my game without leaving my house. This is simply a brilliant product that anyone looking to stay at the forefront of the fitness industry should watch.”

Mark Young
Exercise & Nutrition Consultant

Mieke Pistorius

“The best thing about the Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Program for me is that it can easily be understood by the patients and that the exercises are very easy to follow and are very effective.”

Mieke Pistorius
Nylstroom South-Africa


“The exercises in the the Shoulder Pain Solved Program are simple and easy but effective. It is presented in 6 parts making it a good presentation.”

Peter Tacon
Queensland, Australia


“I want to thank you for taking the time to create this Shoulder Pain Solved Program. It has answered some of my questions about shoulder issues. Also, I appreciate that you were very thorough when you went over the corrective exercises.Thanks a lot!”

Valerie Parks
Certified Personal Trainer
Newark, NJ


“Thanks Rick. “About Your Calf Pain” – This is a great reminder on how to do heel drops correctly. It sure helps to have all your video instructions to refer to! For some unknown reason your timing of each exercise has been perfect for me along the way.”

Sue Billington


“I found the Scapular Stabilization Webinar and Exercise program very informative concerning the shoulder and its movements. There is a lot to it than more than just plain exercise in rehabilitating a shoulder injury.

The presentation of the webinar and the eight exercises were well-thought-out and well-constructed. Being able to see the exercise performed while listening to Rick’s dialogue makes it easy to follow the exercise. I consider this webinar to be a good format for exercise programs.”

Peter Tacon
Queensland, Australia


“The Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors program is a great reference guide and a good place to start for people who haven’t worked with many cancer clients.It’s a good review of cancer and how to train people with cancer or those who are undergoing post cancer treatments.”

Rebecca Gardner-Reilly, MPT
Chicago, IL

Craig Sorensen

“I love the gifts I’ve received from you. It’s amazing how much there is to learn in the fitness industry and it’s great to be able to help my clients with the new tools I have received from you.

The Scapular Stabilization Webinar and Exercise Program is already giving my one client that has had two shoulder surgeries great results, so thank you. The course and handouts are easy to follow and great to give to clients. I will be sure to do more of your online courses and send my other personal trainer friends your way.”


Craig Sorensen
Personal Trainer / Yoga Instructor
Ponoka, Alberta


“The exercises are good if you have a leg and hip injury . I would recommend the Achilles Tendinitis Exercise Program to anyone who has that kind of problem. I could not find any part to dislike.”

Peter Tacon
Queensland, Australia


“I just finished watching your presentation on “Muscle Imbalances Revealed”. Great job! Straight forward and easy to understand. I love the graphics.Thank you so much!”

Shelley Star


“Rick, thank you so much for all the FREE educational gifts. They are fantastic! I think that it’s really cool that you pass on so much interesting, usable, fascinating information that we can pass on to clients.As a personal trainer I am always wanting to further my knowledge so that I can help my clients, so I want to give you a big thank you for helping me do that!

Take care, Rick.”


June Hart


“Your website is great; keep on doing what you’re doing because it is inspiring many people!”

Best regards,

Kerry Marion, RMT


“Being a wannabe personal trainer, I often find myself not being able to do all the things right. Things like programming considerations for every client, giving them the correct protocol for their needs, and sounding smart enough can sometimes intimidate young trainers. With Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body Edition, this is no longer the case. Dean, Tony, Jeff and Rick did a really great job on covering every topic imaginable on how to train the upper body of every athlete.

Even though the title has “Imbalances” in it, the product is even more complete than that. You can see how a strength coach uses various exercises to strengthen the upper body while using assessments to see what is wrong with the athlete. You learn about the fascia and how to use it while also seeing different stages of core training whether you are injured or an advanced athlete. You now understand why breathing mechanics are essential for your well being and how to use different soft tissue tools for your goals. And finally you see how important is the neck in your movements and delve into the shoulders anatomy and movement.

The most important thing that you learn from MIRU is that your body move as one unit. Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body Edition is a great product that can be used in your arsenal of tools while also giving you the luxury to ask the experts any questions you might have!”

Fotis Chatzinicolaou


“I would say the best thing about the Effective Exercises for Scoliosis Program is the fact that you have put one together. Good, collaborative resources are really a rare commodity. I really like and appreiate the fact that you interview other individuals as part of your programs. It allows the end user to hear from other professionals and to also learn from them as well.

It also says something about you that you want your users to be informed and that you don’t see yourself as the ultimate guru who has all the answers to every injury problem. So far, I really have liked what I have been able to go through to this point. As with all of your content, I really believe anyone who is seeking more knowledge on the subjects you offer will benefit from your materials.”

Thanks again,

Jason Wong
Owner Red Zone Training
Owner Synfully Fit
San Ramon, CA


“The best thing about the Effective Exercises for Scoliosis Program is it has a very impressive readable yet thoroughly-researched, comprehensive and effective guide that is invaluable for training clients with scoliosis.

The program summarizes very well the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis and offers a series of stretches and exercises that will help strengthen and mobilize the spine and neck.”

Joanne Kim
Dance Teacher
New York


“Thanks to Rick Kaselj and his Effective Rotator Cuff Webinar & Exercise Program, you gain a better understanding of your shoulder injury as his exercises take you through different planes of motion highlighting varying muscle imbalances and reactivating and strengthening them.This makes you stand taller, move better balanced and do your daily chores better. I would recommend the presentation to anyone who has a shoulder issue and is looking for an answer.”

Peter Tacon
Queensland, Australia

Lukasz Oleksy

“The best thing about the Knee Injury Solution is the clear explanation for all exercises.

It’s a valuable program!”


Lukasz Oleksy


“The best thing is how the Knee Injury Solution program focuses on making you “function better”, meaning how it focuses on exercises to help you move better (as opposed to isolation type exercises).The program help you re-establish how the leg and knee should work in every day life.” Thanks.

Alan Czechowski
Etobicoke, Ontario

April Harkness

“The best thing about the Effective Rotator Cuff Webinar & Exercise Program is the amount of exercises.

It is a program that is well thought out and will allow a fitness professional to not be scared to help their client. There isn’t a need to think of endless leg exercises because a personal trainer is too worried about aggravating the rotator cuff. We can help them achieve function again.”

April Harkness
Personal trainer in the Athletics Dept in University of Chicago


“Thanks for the social media program (17 Strategies to Getting Medical Referrals Using Social Media). I have been on facebook since 2005, and I never thought I could really advertise myself using it. I loved the tips that you gave in the webinar. I’ve actually started a blog through WordPress, updated my LinkedIn account, and updated my facebook page as well. I’m sharing my blog posts on facebook. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time because this is all new to me, but I do want more referrals and more $ :).You gave a lot of tips I never would have thought about for getting referrals. I’m eager to see where all of this goes. Again, thanks for the information!”

Pamela Brown, MA, CSCS, ACSM-cPT, PRCS
Exercise Physiologist


“I wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed your workshops on Core Stability. I really appreciated your teaching style in providing review of anatomy, building onto normal function and ROM and then going into abnormal function and finally a great deal about exercises for stabilization of those muscle sets. I can see why you have so many repeat customers.You really provide a much needed service for fitness professionals who want to expand and refresh their knowledge of body mechanics and who are not satisfied in staying stagnant in their field. I also like attending the workshop with others in the Kinesiology field (e.g. students & professionals) as well as other fitness leaders. I came away with a ‘wealth’ of information and new techniques.”Again, thanks so much.

Tina Moore, CPT, RN


“Thank you very much for the free Exercise Education Gifts. I am just starting out as a personal trainer. However, I have been involved in physical fitness, getting in shape, nutrition for quite a number of years. Your website is really incredible! You’ve opened my mind up to things that I did not know about. This will definitely help me out when I train people.The last thing I want to do is hurt them when they’re coming to me for help. The information you provide will definitely help me do that. Robertson Training Systems is also very helpful. I now feel better ‘armed’ to train people properly if they have an injury. Thanks, Rick.”

Larry Russo

Luigi Marino Neto

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition is a great source of information for all professionals working in the rehabilitation and sports conditioning area. It links theory with practice in a very simple but complete way. It covers all the anatomical aspects one´s should look for when trying to correct imbalances and optmize results. MIRU provided a different perspectives about movement.

First, because of the different background of each presenter and second was a sort of the “holistic” approach, meaning that, breathing and myofascial training aren´t too common findings in other materials related to exercise. It immediately made me want to get the lower portion of the material. A must have!”

Luigi Marino Neto
Strength Coach
Sao Paulo, Brazil


“The Shoulder Pain Solved Program price is great. I have not completed the program yet, but the videos are clear and concise.This program provides a clear, logical program for diagnosing and resolving shoulder injuries and pain. I heard about this program on the Endurance Planet podcast.”

Will Haskell


“Firstly, let me thank you for doing such a great work. I contacted you a year ago because I was looking some information about scolisis & exercise. Your scoliosis product put me in the right direction. Since then I follow your blog.Last week I purchased your greatest product, Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition, and I’m still watching it on my big TV and enjoying it. It’s coming up to my expectations. I knew it. You are surrounded by great professionals that give MIR a high quality.Thanks a lot for your hard and wonderful work!”

Albert García
Barcelona, Spain