The Dark Side of Inflammation

The Dark Side of Inflammation

Today, I have an article from Sayan Sarkar on the dark side of inflammation and how inflammation could be the cause of not getting the fat loss results that you are looking for.

Enjoy the article!

Rick Kaselj, MS


There’s a funny thing about weight loss that always baffles me.

It’s that everyone THINKS they know how to lose weight…

Or they know what “single” food you have to stop eating..

Or what “ONE” problem is making you fat and sick.

When the reality is…

It’s NEVER just “one problem”.

It’s actually a mix of 3 hidden issues that have been sneaking into your body over the years.

(And of course, the people telling you it’s just “one” problem are carrying a few extra pounds themselves…)

You see, over the years of going from an obese “desk jockey” weighing 220 lbs at just 5 ft 6 inches, down to a lean, fit 144 lbs and 5 ft 8 inches…

I’ve discovered a mix of…

3 Hidden Fat Triggers Keeping You From The Body You Want — And Deserve…

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Here they are:

1. Blood Sugar Issues and Insulin Resistance

2. Chronic Inflammation (in the GI tract & the cellular level)

3. Dirty, Clogged Livers (in your body’s “fat burning filter”)

Today we’re going to dig deep into numero dos….chronic inflammation.

It’s one of those health issues that most people know about, but that they only associate with pain, swelling, redness, etc.

BIG mistake.

You see, chronic, low-level inflammation is also one of the most underrated causes of weight gain.

It does it’s damage by:

1) Breaking down your digestive tract…meaning most nutrients don’t get absorbed AND toxins & chemicals seep into your body through a “leaky gut”.

2) Causing insulin resistance & leptin resistance – two major causes of overweight & obesity.

3) Chronically elevating the fat-storing “stress hormone” Cortisol.

So what does this all mean? Well it means…

If you don’t fix chronic inflammation, you WILL store fat in all the wrong places (belly, butt, thighs, arms), and you WILL ruin your digestive system, liver & muscle cells, joints/cartilage, and much more.

Here’s how it all works:

Imagine you’re eating what most people will think of as a “healthy meal”…

Turkey & low-fat Swiss cheese on 2 slices of whole wheat bread, with a glass of low-fat milk on the side.

Sounds good, right? Some lean protein, very little fat, whole grains…no more than 500 calories.

Except for a HUGE problem.

The wheat/gluten in the bread and the dairy in the cheese and milk can be major gut irritants.

While everyone is different, it’s a FACT that certain food types such as gluten/wheat, dairy, nuts, nightshades, etc can cause an “allergy” in the body.

And while only 1% or so of people have serious problems with these foods, studies show 50 percent of people have some form of sensitivity to the food.

This sensitivity causes a reaction that does not allow your food to digest completely…and allows chemicals, toxins, and allergens to seep in through tiny holes in your digestive tract (which is known as a “leaky gut”).

These chemicals plus the partially digested food in your gut are then exposed to your immune system, which responds by going into “attack mode” on everything new entering your body.

The result? Your food intolerances and allergies get worse and toxins literally get “trapped” in your fat cells.

Are chemicals & toxins trapped in your fat cells?


Arguably even worse, chronic inflammation directly causes:

1. Insulin resistance
2. Leptin resistance

This is the real “tip of the iceberg” if you’re struggling to lose weight.

You see, the inflammatory response in the body releases a small protein (a “cytokine”) called TNF-a, which is scientifically proven to cause insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance, of course, is when your liver and muscle cells RESISTS the insulin that carries energy from carbs.

This is because the cells are inflamed AND because of constant insulin spikes.

Basically, when you eat too many processed carbs, there is too much insulin trying to bring carb-based energy into your cells. And, since there’s no space left (because the old energy stockpile hasn’t been “used up” yet), the only place left for the energy to go is your fat cells.

Second, the inflammatory response causes leptin resistance in the brain.

Leptin is a hormone secreted by the brain to regulate your appetite. And of course, if your brain is resistant to the leptin hormone, your body never knows when it’s had enough food.

You can imagine how terrible this can if you’re trying to lose weight.

And to close it all out?

Inflammation, whether it’s from processed & refined foods, environmental toxins, excessive stress at work or at home, chronic exercise, etc…causes massive output of the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is OK when it naturally spikes in the morning. But when it become chronic, it signals your body to break down muscles, organs, and tissues from the inside out.

If you’ve ever had any sort of pain issue, cortisol is one of the main hormones causing you problems.

And to top it all off, cortisol has been directly tied to fat gain in the last place we want it: the belly!

Doesn’t sound fun. I know.

There is good news, though.

There are a few simple things YOU can do today to start fixing these issues.

These simple changes are EXACTLY how I cooled the inflammation in my body to not only eliminate pain from 2 torn rotator cuffs and a slipped lower back disc…

But ALSO to shed 76 pounds and reveal the lean, fit physique I’d always dreamed of.

Here’s how to do it


Cut OUT all refined inflammatory foods. Specifically take at least 2-4 weeks to do an “elimination” process, where you take out allergens/known irritants.

Must remove: Wheat/gluten and all dairy (you can experiment with fermented dairy like plain yogurt & kefir after a few weeks)

Optional: Lectins (from beans, nuts), eggs, nightshade foods

Once you start feeling better (usually 4 weeks or so), introduce one food in per week and see how your body (and your belly/weight) responds.

You can find more about this with 42 done-for-you meal ideas in my 14 Day Rapid Results Plan (yours free with every order of our new anti-inflammatory supplement.)


Introduce some light exercise depending on your pain conditions.

This should be no longer than 45-60 minutes (which is when Cortisol production ramps up)…and should ideally be 20-30 minute “burst” style workouts.


Take supplements that reduce inflammation AND reduce the other 2 fat triggers (insulin resistance and toxin clogging in the liver).

This is HUGE, since inflammation is the “root cause” of many weight problems.

And by fixing the problem where it starts and adding in extra support for insulin & liver problems, you can fix the fat problem, once and for all.

If you want to find out more about the all-important Step 3, check out the InvigorateNOW blend. It is packed with 18 powerful herbs, vitamins and plant extracts, it’s a must-have in anyone’s fat loss arsenal.

About Sayan Sarkar

desk of sayan sarkar

Sayan is a “former fat guy turned fit pro” who has successfully lost 76 pounds & eliminated chronic lower back and shoulder pain. After fluctuating between overweight and obese his whole life, he spent a 8 and half years trying but failing to lose weight. He finally discovered a set of 3 fat triggers (stop these now!) which he realized were keeping him fat and sick all through the years. Once he figured how to overcome this…well the rest is history!

Now, Sayan is founder of Invigorate Now, Inc., a health & wellness company dedicated to helping tens of thousands of men & women shed the fat clothes and discover the body they’ve always wanted. He is inspiration behind the company’s all-natural supplement and is author of the short, but to-the-point 14 Day Rapid Results Plan. If you want to learn more, check out the revolutionary InvigorateNOW “anti-fat” supplement here.