Avoiding Back Pain When Performing the Romanian Deadlift

Avoiding Back Pain When Performing the Romanian Deadlift

This is a special video for Mike Whitfield and all of his Finisher friends.

What Mike wanted me to go through was some cuing when it comes to the Romanian Deadlift and highlighting some common mistakes that people do when doing the Romanian Deadlift.

I am going to get Orsy to demonstrate it.

Mistake -#1

Starting off with the common mistakes that people make what they do is their legs are straight and not bent.

They are bending over and then they lose that curve in their back.

Romanian Deadlift Wrong Postures

The key things that you want to remember is that your knees are slightly bent, as that will give you a little bit more movement in the hamstrings and it also protects your pelvis and low back from injury which is what you want. Then you are going through the movement and focusing on that movement happening in the hips.

Romanian Deadlift Correct Postures

You are tightening that abdominal area, that core area, and not letting your low back change position. The curve in the lower back is staying the same. All the movement ends up happening in the hips.

Mistake -#2

Other things that a lot of people do is they end up losing the control in their upper body and that leads to the head dropping and shoulders dropping and that ends up leading to the rounding out of the back. The leads to greater stress on the back and increased risk of back pain.

Now you might not have a bar or doing a weighted Romanian deadlift, you can end up doing a bodyweight Romanian deadlift but the same things end up applying:

  • Remember to keep your knees soft.
  • Remember to have all the movement happening in the hips, really making sure that you are bracing that abdominal area and that curve in the back is not changing.
  • Remember to set your shoulders and have everything in line with your head and hips and also not letting that head drop.

If you end up doing those things, you are going to get maximum benefit from the exercise that you want. It will also help you fend off any kind of back pain or achy back.

So there you go Mike and all of your Finisher friends.

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Rick Kaselj, MS