The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is the one day of the year we have to show Dad our appreciation. Sadly, your dad has enough neckties. Most dads aren’t into a day at the spa or a dozen roses with chocolates. Once you’ve given him the “World’s Best Dad” mug, it kind of feels like there aren’t any good gifts left.


We understand the struggle. We’ve got dads too ― and we know that it can be a challenge to find stellar gifts for these guys. As usual, we wanted to help. So, we asked our own dads, listened in on a few water-cooler conversations and read up on the current testosterone-friendly trends. We found plenty of excellent Father’s Day gift ideas that your old man will just love. Say “Hello” to our 2019 Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Buy Dad a Better Shaving Kit

Chances are, your dad shaves his face or heads almost every day of his life. If he’s still using shaving cream from the grocery store and disposable razors, consider upgrading his supplies. There are entire shops online devoted to shaving. You can buy a starter kit for Dad this year complete with a nice, refillable shaver, excellent quality shaving cream and aftershave. There are options to buy a subscription for razor refills or not. Either way, your dad’s face is likely to feel great after using top-of-the-line shaving supplies from his favorite son or daughter.


Pay to Have His Lawn Cut for a Few Months

You’ve left home, and Dad is out there every week mowing the lawn on the diagonal. While he doesn’t mind doing it, he’d rather be doing something else. Look into hiring a local teenager to come and mow the lawn instead. If you aren’t local, contact a landscaping service and let the pros handle it for a while. Dad will love the reminder of your thoughtfulness every time he smells that freshly cut grass.

Buy Him a Subscription to the Car Wash

If your dad is anything like mine, there are few things more satisfying to him than seeing his reflection in the hood of his finely waxed ride. Find the best-rated, brushless car wash that’s right on his commute to work and buy him a monthly wash subscription. He’ll be able to swing by any time his car needs a bath and keep his baby sparkling clean.

Sign Him Up to Drive His Dream Car

In many major cities, you can now rent exotic vehicles for the day. If you’ve got a dad who is obsessed with the Lamborghini Aventador or crazy about the new Tesla Model X, inquire about renting one for him to take for a spin. He’ll be so thrilled to roll around town in the car of his dreams with you in the passenger seat.

Give Him a Mug With Your Mug on It

If your dad is sentimental and loves having family photos around, consider having an extra-large mug made with your face on it. He’ll love taking a look at your face as he enjoys his tea or coffee in the mornings. Check online photo sites to find all sorts of personalized photo gifts. You can find mugs, mouse pads, calendars ― all sorts of cool stuff you can have made with photos of yourself, your kids or the whole family. Dads dig it.

Buy Dad Some Ultrasoft Pajamas

Most dads won’t spend much time shopping for their own pajamas. However, we are aware that many of them could use some new sets. Swing by the department store and look at some of the higher-end PJs in the menswear section. Spoil him a little with a pair of soft and smooth pajama pants. He may not admit it, but he’ll feel like a prince every time he puts them on.


Get Him a Fancy French Press

If your dad is into good coffee, consider buying him a French press this year. They come in all sizes. The more durable sets come in insulated stainless steel. Coffee from a French press is more flavorful. When you use a French press, the brewed coffee retains all of the natural oils from the bean. It’s also steeped like tea, which intensifies the delicate flavor and balance of the brew. If Dad has never enjoyed brewing his coffee with a French press, he’s in for a treat this Father’s Day.

Buy Dad a Nice Espresso Machine

Is he more of an espresso guy? If so, give him the gift of endless espresso at home. There are some high-quality, conservatively-priced countertop espresso machines on the market these days. Pick one up, along with some good espresso beans and take them over to Dad. Perhaps he’ll make you a latte while you’re there.

Give Your Dad a Fitness Tracker

If your old man is into fitness or his cardiologist wants him to start moving more, pick up one of those high-tech fitness trackers or pedometer. Some of them measure calories burned, miles or kilometers walked and heart rate. It makes fitness more fun when Dad can measure his progress day by day.

Spoil Him With a Pair of Supersoft Moccasins

If your dad spends a lot of the day on his feet, he could probably use some ultrasoft, but supportive, warm moccasins. Find a pair that are lined in sheepskin for the most comfortable and luxurious feel. Dad will think of how much he loves you when he slips his tired dogs into those moccasins at the end of the day.

Buy Him a Better Set of Headphones

Does your dad like podcasts and playlists for his workouts? If so, upgrade his headphones. If he’s buying pair after pair of budget earbuds, get him a nicer set that won’t fizzle out after a month of regular use.

Get a Better Camera for Your Dad

If your dad is still using his flip-phone to take family pictures, it may be time to help him out with an easy-to-use, high-quality camera. Stick to the point and click variety if your dad isn’t particularly into gadgets.

Buy Him a Day on the Greens

Is he a golfer? Consider buying him a day of golf at the country club near his home. If you know he doesn’t have the time for eighteen holes lately, get him a gift subscription to the driving range.


Get Him a Record Player and Some Records From His High School Years

For the dad who has everything, a super-thoughtful gift like this will rock his world. For not much money at all, you can find modern record players online. Pair that with some of the most popular music from Dad’s heyday, and you’ve got a groovy Father’s Day gift.

Buy Your Dad a Hammock and Stand

Your hard-working dad could use an afternoon in the hammock. Buy him a comfortable looking one. Since he may not have two sturdy trees exactly 8 feet apart in his backyard, you may want to pick a nice hammock stand for it. Dad can enjoy some carefree afternoons daydreaming about his awesome kid.

Refresh His Chess Set

If your dad is the master of chess in your family, think about getting him a nice set. There’s nothing wrong with a foldout board and plastic pieces. However, he will truly enjoy playing on a marble side table board with pewter pawns. Poke around a game store or shop online for the ideal chess set for Dad this year.

Why Not Get Him a Good Tent?

Does your dad enjoy the outdoors? If he could use a tent that doesn’t require duct tape when it rains, buy him one of those new automatic pop-up tents. Some of them literally put themselves up in less than five minutes. No swearing required.

Buy Him a Better Thermos

Just about every dad can use a nice Thermos that keeps his hot drinks hot all day long. Many of the newer units will keep his coffee piping hot for at least 24 hours. You’d be surprised at how affordable they are too. Grab one for Dad. Then, wash it and fill it with his favorite hot drink and tie a bow on it.

Give Dad a Monogrammed Overnight Bag

If your dad packs his toothbrush in a resealable plastic bag and puts everything else in his suitcase when he travels, it’s time to get him a dedicated overnight bag for trips. These sleek, masculine-looking, zippered bags have sections for razors, aftershave, shampoo and the like. You can custom order them online with your dad’s initials or a special message from you to him.


Get Him Top-of-the-Line Sunglasses

Block the sun’s ultraviolet rays from damaging your dad’s eyesight with a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. A pair of high-quality sunglasses is literally something Dad will use every day when he’s driving. He and his eyes will thank you.

Update His Tool Set

How many times did he have to tell you kids to put the tools away after you use them? Are there a few pieces missing from Dad’s tool kit? If so, consider upgrading the whole thing with a good quality set of new tools.

Buy Your Dad a Satellite Radio Subscription

If you’ve got a dad that enjoys a bit of talk radio and listening to sports and oldies, a satellite radio subscription may be the ideal gift for him. Many satellite radio packages offer a free trial and include all-day comedy stations, a boxing channel, golf channel, college basketball channel, all sorts of news and talk channels and any music type he could desire.

Give Him a Mushroom Growing Kit

If your dad is comfortable in the kitchen and enjoys growing some of his own food, get him a kit to harvest mushrooms in the shed. It’s surprisingly easy to do if you have the right supplies. You can find excellent mushroom-growing kits online and in some garden stores. Pick one up for your dad this Father’s Day.

Give Dad the Perfect Father’s Day Gift This Year

From teaching you to play catch to take you out for that first driving lesson in the family station wagon, your dad has always been there. Show him your appreciation this year by choosing a gift that’s just right for him. Happy Father’s Day.

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