Tips and Tricks to Make Your Boot Camp ROCK!

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If you are a boot camp owner or instructor, here is some great info on how to make your camp ROCK.

I’m sure you are an awesome boot camp instructor that loves what you do. I’m also sure you know what you are doing and you are probably better than your competitor down the road…

– Do people know that?
– Is your boot camp busting at its seams?
– Do people stay for 8-12 months?
– Do they bring ALL of their friends and family to your boot camp?
– Will you be able to have financial freedom because of your boot camp?

Unfortunately, for many fitness and boot camp professionals the answer to these questions is “no”.

What if I told you that I could give you some tips and tricks to turn those “no’s” into “yes’s”?

My Name is Brian Kalakay and in just 4 weeks I doubled my membership in my boot camp and sky-rocketed my retention rates. The best part is, it cost me little to nothing.

Here is how I did it…

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1. Create an Experience, NOT another “workout class”.
People can get a workout anywhere in town. What is going to set you apart is the experience people have when they are in YOUR boot camp. Anyone can do pushups, burpees and squats. That is nothing special. Focus on the little things: calling them by their name when they walk through the door, knowing everyone’s goals, high five-ing when they do something awesome, ending with a group huddle, the energy of your boot camp session, etc. Those are some of the things that will help create an “experience”.

2. Create a sense of community.
People want to feel like they belong to something great. They want to feel like they are accepted; like they are a part of a huge fitness family. Do things like client appreciation weeks, team talks, Facebook groups, encourage people to hang out after the session is over, etc. When your clients feel like they are showing up to workout with their friends and family, they are going to keep coming back and chances are they will bring people with them, too.

3. Strive to be different.
If your boot camp session was conducted next to 10 other boot camp sessions, would yours stand out? Do things out of the ordinary. You should do things that make your boot camp look like something people have never experienced before. If p90x does Russian twists in every ab workout, then you should probably find an alternative…unless you want to be compared to the top selling workout program on TV.

4. Don’t be afraid to change things up.
Just because a certain format is “comfortable” doesn’t mean you should do it FOREVER! Constantly have random cool days sprinkled into your month of sessions. You could do a reverse day, burpees day, train the trainer day, 70’s dress up day, etc. Add plenty of variety into your boot camp sessions, this way people walk in anxious to see what is next.

5. Entertain your clients
In the words of Alwyn Cosgrove, “It’s all about the show”. Your clients should feel like your boot camp is a form of “Disney World”. They lose touch with reality and they are just enjoying the show. Make them laugh, tell them stories, try crazy new exercises, use loud energizing music, TRULY entertain them. If you properly do this, there is no way you will ever have to worry about high “drop out” rates in your boot camps.

To make implementing these “Tips and Tricks” easier, I developed a product that will for sure put the spark back into your boot camp. The best part is, this program will “plug-and-play” into ANY boot camp program including the one you are currently using.

The program is called Turbulence Training Boot Camp Games. It is an entire Done-For-You system that combines fitness drills and recess style games. Your clients will feel like they are young again and stay active at the same time. Win/Win.

I know it sounds like a weird combination, but check this out:

These games will:
– Deliver a TRULY unique workout experience
– Create a sense of community within your boot camp
– Differentiate you from the boot camp down the road
– Add variety into your current boot camp routine
– Double your memberships
– Skyrocket retention
– Start a referral wild fire!

If you are ready to leave your competition in the dust and get closer to that financial freedom, let TT Boot Camp Games speed up the process
I hope you apply some of these “Tips and Tricks” in this email to your boot camp IMMEDIATELY. It will benefit your clients and your business. What more could you ask for?

Committed to growing your boot camp,

Brian Kalakay, CFT, CTT
Creator TT Boot Camp Games

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