Top 5 Tips To Bullet Proof Your Shoulders

Top 5 Tips To Bullet Proof Your Shoulders

Remember in Rocky III when the reporter asked Clubber Lang his prediction for the fight?

Mr. T glared at the camera and said, “My prediction?….PAIN!”


Rocky & Clubber inflicted some serious pain on each other, but don’t do it to yourself voluntarily.

Here are some tips to bulletproof your shoulders. They are the most commonly injured body part in the gym and if they get banged up you’re pretty much out of commission, which is depressing.

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Top 5 Tips To Bullet Proof Your Shoulders

1. Build Tension in Your Lats – The lats are the most ignored muscle when it comes to the shoulder. It is thought that it is only a back muscle but it provides stability and protection to the shoulder. When doing shoulder exercises, activate your lats and keep your shoulders happy.

2. Prime Up Your Muscles – Most people do a warm-up that just lubricates the joint. You need to activate and turn on all the muscles in the upper body so the smaller muscle groups in the shoulder can help protect the shoulder.

3. Technique, Technique, Technique – This is the number one reason why people injure their shoulders. You can’t go to the gym every day and work on your max lift. Your warm-up sets are the perfect time to perfect your technique. Also, get feedback from a training partner or a trainer.

4. Watch Out for Fatigue – Cooking your smaller muscles in your shoulder muscles can lead to a shoulder injury. If you do a lot of very heavy exercises that target the rotator cuff, the rotator cuff may not be able to do its job throughout the day, which increases the risk of shoulder injury and pain.

5. Work on Your Shoulder Blade Muscles – Many strength coaches will say you are wasting your time on this but if you want to have a bulletproof shoulder, you need to work on them.


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Rick Kaselj, MS

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