Try This Wrist Exercise

Hey this is Rick Kaselj from In this video will go through a wrist exercise that you need to try out.

The wrist exercise is the Yoga Mat Twist.

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#1 – The Yoga Mat Twist (Front View)

Yoga Mat Twist FrontYoga Mat Twist (Front View)

Roll up a Yoga Mat  and grip the Yoga mat, with one wrist you are keeping it straight, the other wrist you curl (wrist flexion) and hold  for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds you are going to go in the opposite direction, extending the wrist, while the other wrist stays straight. Hold this new position for 5 seconds.

#2 – Yoga Mat Twist (Side View)

In this exercise, you are working on isometric strength of the wrist. The most important thing we do with need the wrist to do is the ability to stay in neutral. That is what we are doing with this exercise, we are working on the isometric strength in the wrist muscles.

Yoga Mat Twist Side ViewYoga Mat Twist (Side View)

Give that a go!

Do 5 repetitions on each side and see how it ends up feeling. You want it to feel like you have done something but you don’t want it to feel over fatigued or hurt and if 5 repetitions is fine then you can end up progressing to ten repetitions.

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This is Rick Kaselj from saying take care and bye.