Try This Wrist Exercise

Try This Wrist Exercise

The wrist, the transition point between the forearm and the hand, is one of the most used joints in the human body. The wrist is a modified ball and socket joint held together with four main ligaments. There are also many small bones and tendons along with those ligaments that provide the wrist with much of its needed stability and amazing flexibility. The wrist is a synovial joint that allows for movements along two axis and provides the range of motion necessary to do many daily tasks. The movements of the wrist are performed by muscles in the forearm while the amazing structure of the wrist can support substantial weight for lifting heavy objects and performing other physical activities.

Unfortunately, the more the wrist is used, the higher the chance there is of it becoming injured. The good news is there are some effective exercises to help strengthen the muscles and tendons of the wrist to promote stability, facilitate healthy range of motion, and prevent injuries


The Importance of Wrist Exercises

The wrist is a highly mobile and strong joint. As stated above, the wrist joint plays a big role in performing most day-to-day activities through a wide range of movements. A high physical demand is placed on the wrist during both work and play.

Wrist exercises and stretches can help maintain wrist health by increasing both flexibility and strength. If good mobility is not maintained however, the wrist can become more susceptible to injuries that can not only lead to painful symptoms but also permanent damage. If the joints in this area become inflamed or damaged, exercises should only be done under recommendation from a medical professional to avoid any further injuries.

As we age, our bodies can undergo many changes including decreasing flexibility due to muscle-loss along bone transformations and decreased bone density. These changes can drastically reduce strength and range of movement. The wrist is an integral part of the hand, so it is necessary to focus on maintaining the health of your wrist joint. Happy joints, happy life!

Below we have shared one of our favorite wrist exercises along with detailed instructions.


Yoga Mat Twist (Front View)Yoga Mat Twist Front

Roll up a yoga mat and grip it with both hands. Keep one wrist straight as you curl your other wrist into a flexed position and hold this position for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds, keep the same wrist straight while gently rotating your other wrist into an extended position. Again, hold this position for 5 seconds.

Repeat this exercise on the opposite side.

This exercise is working on the isometric strength of the wrist without putting too much stress on the muscles and joint. Isometric exercises can also help reduce pain and can be beneficial for those just starting a strength training program. Isometric exercises carry far less risk of injury than some dynamic exercises can.

Doing 1 repetition per side is enough to notice any changes in form and won’t over-exhaust or injure the muscles and joints when first starting out. If one repetition feels good, in time, gradually increase to 5 reps on each side, increasing to a maximum of 10 once a day.

It may be surprising how quickly you see results. Success can happen when a routine stays consistent. The best way to maintain good health is by setting aside time each day for eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

It’s never too late or early for to take steps towards bettering ourselves!

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