What to do About Wrist Pain When Performing Burpees

In this video what I wanted to go through was what to do about wrist pain during burpees.

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I have got three different options that you can do and I will get Orsy to demonstrate it.

#1 – Using Hexagonal Dumbbells

Burpee using Hexagonal Dumbbells

Burpee using Hexagonal Dumbbells

You are pressing up, coming down, going into that burpees position, push up, coming back up and pressing up again.

With using the hexagonal dumbbells, it makes the exercise more difficult because you got more load and you have to press the load over your head but because you have the hexagonal dumbbells they don’t roll and you are able to keep your wrists in neutral which decreases the load on your wrist.

#2 – Burpee with Fists

You are going to do the burpee and when you come into the push up position you will have your hands in a fist position and coming back up.

Burpee with Fists

Burpee with Fists

Once again, being in that fist position keeps the wrists in neutral which decreases the stress on the wrists. A lot of people find that open hand push up position putting a lot of stress on the wrist.

#3 – Bench Burpee

Bench Burpee

Bench Burpee

You can do Bench Burpee to ease the stress on the wrists.

I utilize the bench in order to decrease how far back my wrist is brought back which decreases the stress on the wrist and then I am able to do the burpee.

The bench burpee is also a great modification if you can’t get on and off the floor. 

There you go! If you are having wrist pain when performing burpees, give one of those three options a go; the hexagonal dumbbells, or doing the burpees with a fist position when it comes to the hands, or you can do the burpees on the bench.

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Rick Kaselj, MS.