Turbulence Training Summit Review

I really like San Diego.

It was my third time that I have been to San Diego but this trip was a little different.

I was off to my first Turbulence Training (TT) Summit. TT Summit is an unconventional training and business building seminar for personal trainers and bootcamp leaders, run by Craig Ballantyne.

I interviewed Craig for EFI and here is a clip from it:

I have been learning training techniques and business strategies from Craig since 2008. He has excellent stuff for trainers and coaches.

As with all seminars/conferences, I take a bunch of notes. Let me go through some of the highlights from the two days of learning.

How to TRIPLE Your Productivity and Have More Time for What REALLY Matters in Life with Craig Ballantyne

I love the productivity stuff.

I can’t get enough of this.

I am always asking myself, how can I cut out what does not matter and focus on what matters (my clients, friends and family). Especially with a full life (clients, business, family, friends and a dog).

Highlights from Craig’s presentation:

  1. You need to know where you want to be in 1, 5 and 10 years in the future in order to succeed in life and business.
  2. Embrace your journey. The crazy path you have taken is an important story that you must share with your clients.
  3. More structure in your life leads to more freedom. Build that structure.
  4. You need to identify your OCD loop, break it and replace it.
  5. Email is like worms in your brain (Star Trek reference). It distracts you from your purpose, goals, family, friends, life, etc.
  6. You must do a minimum of one thing a day that moves you and your business towards your goal and purpose.
  7. It is not the number of emails you get in a day; it is the number of times that you check your email inbox a day that drains your time. (Fun stat: The average person checks their email 34 times a day.)
  8. Go to bed and get up at the same time, 7 days a week. (Including Sunday!)
  9. Structure your best day, and protect it.
  10. Never, EVER, give up.

How to Go from No Clients to a $100K Bootcamp in 90 Days with Cara Eckerman

Cara gave a whole bunch of amazing ideas on building your bootcamp fast. She shared her story of how she went from Texas to California and built her boot camp up to six-figures in a few months.

The points that stood out to me were:

  • Contact every sports club and school in your area and connect with them
  • If you don’t have the heart to fire them, don’t hire them

Brand New, Exclusive Secret Strategies to Getting More Clients with Bedros Keuilian

Bedros just gets up there and talks. His presentation is often in his little black book.  It is often 7 or 8 points on a piece of paper. It is amazing that he can do that.  With so little written or typed out, he still gives great information. Amazing skill.

Few highlights:

  1. People buy on want, compared to need.
  2. Ask, “So why do you mean that?”
  3. Bootcamps are moving to 30-minute sessions (interesting).

The Missing Link in Creating a 7-Figure Facility from Scratch with Alwyn Cosgrove

I have been in the fitness industry since 1994. I have been reading and listening to Alwyn Cosgrove for years but had yet to see him live. I finally did and it was well worth it from a content and entertainment point of view.

Some of the highlights from Alwyn:

  1. Don’t just list your core values, live them.
  2. Do it better than anyone else.
  3. Be number one or number two. (What is the number 3 soda in the USA? Who cares.)
  4. Life cycle of a new personal trainer is 18 months (WoW).
  5. You should be embarrassed by the programs you wrote six months ago. You should be constantly learning.
  6. Just go to a Cosgrove session to get the best laugh. During his session, I cried with laughter.
  7. Start small and be awesome.
  8. Ideas are worthless. Action on ideas is what matters.
  9. There are no mistakes. There are only lessons learned.

Now that was the end of day 1 but that in the evening we had a reception. It was great hanging out with Craig Ballantyne, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Whitfield, Rob King, Gill Whelan, Scott Rawcliffe, Brian Kalakay and other trainers.

The Training Secrets Behind Turbulence Training – Craig Ballantyne

I have only referenced and used Craig’s Turbulence Training programs, and it was great to get some insight on how he puts his programs together.

Here is a clip from Craig on foot stance and the squat:

A New Way of Looking At & Doing Bodyweight Exercises with Scott Rawcliffe

All of us trainers in the audience were going, “What can this guy teach us about bodyweight exercises? I have been a trainer for “BLANK” years and I know all there is about bodyweight exercises.”

Well he surprised us and delivered what he promised.

I took a bunch of video clips from his presentation and will put up a blog post on it very soon.

Some very cool ones he went through.

5 Reasons on Why You Have to Incorporate Games into Your Bootcamp – Brian Kalakay

Brian did a high energy presentation on incorporating games into your bootcamp in order to separate your bootcamp from others. Here is a little clip from his presentation:

We did one of his bootcamp games at the morning bootcamp, and it was a lot of fun. Here is clip from the morning bootcamp:

Great comment Brian made: Be an innovator or changer.

Workout Finishers with Mike Whitfield

I have talked about Mike before on my blog. Here he is talking about the difference between workout finishers and interval training:

Mike ran us through a great Workout Finisher in the morning bootcamp session.

If you wonder what a Workout Finisher is, here is a great one that Mike took all of us trainers through in the morning bootcamp. For me, it opened up my sweat glands and pushed my body into the burn zone.

(No, that is not me breathing heavy in the video.)

I look up to Mike, he really has pushed me to take my fitness more seriously. This guy has a crazy good story and if he can change his life when it comes to nutrition, fitness and mind set, I can take my fitness more seriously and to the next level.

How to Get EXACTLY What You Want in Life with Craig Ballantyne

  1. Take repeated action.
  2. Stop when you find the answer.
  3. Define what success is to you.
  4. Setting small goals leads to small action.
Little video clip of Craig on core values:

Let me share with you a few of the action steps that I took from the weekend:

  1. Write out my vision and mission: Help 1 Million people overcome injuries and pain in order to live a happy and more fulfilled life by 2020. (That was hard and easy, but I am glad I put that out.)
  2. Have everything that I do focus on my mission. (The thing above.)
  3. Start building my core values: (a) Never stop learning, growing and pushing myself out of my comfort zone; (b) Use research to provide myself and fitness professionals with better guidance of what to do when it comes to injuries and pain.

Okay, I am off onto the plane.  I will work on my little section at the end in a bit.

Rick Kaselj, MS