What Happens When Your Birthday Gets In the Way

I planned on it being a regular day but my birthday got in the way.

I did my regular ritual and got up, checked email and Facebook.

Email was quiet but Facebook was crazy. I had over 121 birthday wishes. I never knew I had that many friends. I don’t think I had that many friends in high school.

As I was reading the birthday wishes, a number of things hit me.

Let me share some of it with you.

Birthday Wishes from Around the World

It is very cool to get happy birthday wishes from every corner of the world: Mexico, Spain, Finland, Holland, Netherlands, Canada and the USA.

All This Writing and Videos are Helping

It is awesome to hear this:

People from around the world are benefiting from the blog, my writing, the videos and products.  This is great to hear. This will help move our society from a pain and injured society to a healthy and active one.

EFI Is Helping

I am so happy that EFI is helping people.

All the support from everyone just encourages me to do more.

Do Great Work!

I think Vince brings up a great point.

“Everyday, wake and do great work.  It will lead to great change, great results and great happiness.” – Rick Kaselj

Birthday Wishes from New Friends

Heard about this guy for a while but finally met him in Vegas a few weeks back.

Even when you are an old fart, you make make great new friends like Mike.  (Happy Birthday to you as well.)

Injury Free Birthday!

Very cute Jacy!

When I hit the gym today, I will make it a light day.

Helping with Your Words

I take presenting very seriously.

A few weeks back I was in San Diego and I freaked out my Mastermind Group.  They were perplexed at why I spent 5 hours on preparing for a 25 minute presentation.

You learn so much when you put it together, you visualize the presentation, you make that vision a reality when you speak and it touches some.

I am so glad I could help, Benjamin.

A big lesson I have learned the last few months is that writing has the same effect as speaking and I need to keep learning, practicing and writing, more.

Croatian Wishes

It is always nice to get warm wishes from family and friends from the old country.

I am sure there will be more to add to this post as the day goes by.

Thank you for thinking of me and sharing your love.