Working Towards 10,000

Working Towards 10,000

I get lots of emails. Let me answer some of the questions that came in over the last week.

What to Do About Bootcampers with Painful Knees?

Brenda found me on Facebook.

“Hi Rick, I’ve got a couple of clients with dodgy knees, and a lot of my boot camp has running, which is too painful for them – can you offer suggestions that will give them just as good a workout and that are safe? Thanks, Brenda”

If you are looking for a program to help you out, I recommend this:

Working Towards 10,000

I mentioned this in last week’s questions from readers. I am working towards helping 10,000 health and fitness professionals help 1,000,000 clients become pain and injury-free by 2020.

It is an ambitious goal, but you have big plans to bring the best out of you.

“Hi Rick,

Thank you very much for the free gift!

I am just starting out as a personal trainer.

However, I have been involved in physical fitness, getting in shape, nutrition for quite a number of years. Your website is really incredible!  You’ve opened my mind up to things that I did not know about.  This will definitely help me out when I train people.  The last thing I want to do is hurt them when they’re coming to me for help.  The information you provide will definitely help me do that.

I now feel better ‘armed’  to train people properly if they have an injury.  Thanks, Rick.

Thank you so much, Larry. I am glad all the free stuff on the website has helped you and your clients out. I think I am on the right track, especially when I get emails like this:

This is what Larry was talking out; yours free.


Yes, free. Click here to get it.

Even Fit Pros Get Injuries

A few years back, I chatted with another fitness professional about injuries that fitness professionals have.

After that conversation, I asked other fitness professionals about their injuries. I was shocked to see how many of them had some little ache and pain that did not force them to stop working but slowed them down a little.

Here is an example.

“Your Achilles Achilles tendinitis package just arrived, and I’ll get to work on it right away. I’ve been learning a lot about my imbalances, thanks to you. I hope to avoid future problems by working through the exercises. I think I heard about you from either Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson, but I’m not sure. Exercise for Injuries sounds like a cool concept to me, especially considering how much I dislike being injured. Thanks for your help,”


Thanks, EK; let’s get you uninjured.

Seniors in a Care Home

A neat trend that I have seen over the last 12 years of teaching fitness education courses is more fitness professionals in senior care homes.

This is very cool and exciting.

From talking with the few in them, what they do is an activity class, stretch classes, core classes, and some personal training.

I know these seniors are getting a lot of benefits from exercise at their age.

They all said that a big issue for seniors is shoulder injuries, and many of them have come to my Exercise Rehabilitation of the Shoulder course.

If you work with seniors, it may be an idea to come out to the class.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition – Exam

Things are rolling with MIRU, and people are getting their CECs and CEUs from it.

I have just got approval from NSCA, BCRPA, and BCCMT.

Here is a specific question as it relates to the MIRU exam.

“Hello Rick,

How do I go about in submitted MIUB in order to receive .7 credits through the NSCA?

I won the product a few months ago and I do not have a receipt for them for approval.

What do you suggest?


It is straightforward.

The exam is in the membership area in the exam, and there are no plans on taking down the membership area, so it is there when you need it.

Print the exam out and fill in the answer sheet.

Send me the answer sheet, and I will mark it.

If you get over 80%, I will send you the certificate for NSCA CEUs.

That is it, pretty easy.

Some More Kind Words about MIRU

“MIRU provided a different perspective about movement.

First, because of the different backgrounds of each presenter, and the second was a sort of the “holistic” approach, meaning that breathing and myofascial training aren’t too common findings in other materials related to exercise.

Luigi Marino Neto
Strength Coach
Sao Paulo, Brazil”

Please do send me your questions via Facebook or email. I will do my best to answer them, and please do not be angry if I do not get to it. I get a few hundred a day.

Plus, here are some more videos that may help when it comes to boot campers and knee pain:

Knee Pain Solved