What To Do About Neck Pain from Sleeping

Yesterday, I woke up with some neck pain from sleeping. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Actually, I experience this kind of pain a couple of times a year.

A few years back, I found an effective exercise that helps me overcome my neck pain from sleeping quickly. So if you ever woke up with neck pain, then make sure you give the exercise below a go.

Take care!

~ Rick


In this video, I will explain what to do about neck pain from sleeping.

What To Do About Neck Pain from Sleeping

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I’ll get Andrea to demonstrate.

Sit and do some specific trigger point work in the muscles where your neck pain is located. Many times when you wake up, you have a kink in your neck. There is a knot in that muscle and you want to loosen that up.

What to Do About Neck Pain from Sleeping

Take your hand and push into the muscle, looking for that sensitive area. Push on it – it should be a little bit uncomfortable. If it is really uncomfortable, move to the edges of that discomfort. Press on it and when it subsides, look around in the muscle for another sensitive area. Work through the muscle, going for four or five points. Do this throughout the day and the discomfort should subside.

The most important thing is to not overdo it because the muscle gets irritated. Four or five times should be enough. Give it a break and then go through it again in two or three hours. This will help decrease the tension in your neck. It will also deal with the trigger points in that muscle and help you overcome your neck pain.

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Rick Kaselj, MS