What to do About Shoulder Pain

What to Do About Shoulder Pain

This injury thing is catching on. Robin Robertson of the Bellingham Tennis Club will be putting on Fix My Shoulder Pain and Fix My Knee Pain classes for their members. (Plus, watch for Fix My Back Pain coming out soon.)

Ya, very cool.

The trainers at Bellingham Tennis Club have been using the techniques with their clients and getting results. Now they are going to teach them directly to their members at large.


Below I have an interview with Robin to let their members know who I am and how I can help them with their shoulder pain.

Rick Kaselj

Hi, Robin Robertson here from Bellingham Tennis Club with my friend Rick Kaselj.

Rick Kaselj: My name is Rick Kaselj. The “LJ” at the end of my name throws everyone off, but I get entertainment from it. It’s Rick Kaselj. I am an injury expert. I am from Vancouver, Canada, so very close to Bellingham.

Then I flew from the Bellingham airport to be in San Diego. So I am very familiar with Bellingham and drove past your club numerous times on my way to Bellis Fair.

I focus on the injury side of things when it comes to training.

As we were talking in another video looking at the typical clients that come to the gym. Most want weight loss, fat loss, or improvement in their sport. But there’s a group that comes in with injuries, and they need help and guidance on what to do and not do when it comes to their injury.

Over the last 19 years, I’ve focused on helping that group of people. And helped thousands of people, trained thousands of people, and taught thousands of professionals. Then wrote all kinds of stuff related to injuries and exercise.

Robin Robertson: We’ve got an upcoming workshop called Fix My Shoulder Pain based on Rick’s works. Now, as tennis players, we see shoulder injuries all the time. And we want to help heal them and get you back on the court quickly.

Techniques in Fix My Shoulder Pain Program


So if someone is going to follow your techniques in Fix My Shoulder Pain, what are the kinds of things they can expect?

Rick Kaselj: Looking at the main concept that I focus on, many people will jump into the exercises and the strengthening side of things. Most times, this is a mistake because I found that you need to look at the joint first, not the muscle. You need to reshape the joint from a painful joint from the inside and reshape it from the outside. Then you need to add pain-specific exercises that end up helping relieve pain.

That’s what I do. It is a three-category system that I target and work on. It is not just strengthening but making things stronger because that often doesn’t solve and irritates the problem.

You need to take a step back and look at reshaping the joint from the inside, reshaping that joint from the outside, and then doing some specific exercises depending on what kind of shoulder pain you would fall into, which is the pathway to a pain-free shoulder.

Robin Robertson: Right. We will let you know how you can get a hold of Rick’s Fix My Shoulder Pain to do the techniques at home, and we will see you at the workshop.

Take care and bye-bye.

Rick Kasel, MS

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