What to do When a Panic Attack Hits?

What to do When a Panic Attack Hits

I am on my way back home from Miami and Tampa Bay. It was an amazing trip. I had a wonderful time at my fitness meetings at Miami. It was great to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, share my knowledge and learn new things. It was also great spending a few days in Tampa Bay with my friend Mike Westerdal, working on our upcoming project which will come out in February. Watch out for it!

While I was in Florida, I did a quick interview with Tom Talbot. Check out the interview below!

symptoms of panic attack

Many of us rely on medication as a quick relief for anxiety disorder, but do you know that there are natural ways to deal with anxiety and panic attacks?

Medications are a good start, but they aren’t a cure-all. You might need to adjust your treatment plan over time. And you can also work on other ways to ease your anxiety and reduce your chances of relapse by managing your stress, practicing self-care, and confronting your fears. It is best to think of medication as a crutch – a helpful tool that can ease your anxiety until you’re ready to face it.

Panic attacks are terrifying. They come surprisingly, leaving you feeling like you’re dying or going crazy. This and more is what I want to share with you about my interview with trusted panic and anxiety coach Tom Talbot.

Don’t miss out on understanding What to do When a Panic Attack Hits and gain valuable insights in my interview.

Check out the video below to know more.

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In the above interview, you will discover:

  • Who is Tom Talbot?
  • How did Tom get into Panic Attack Coaching?
  • His first experience helping a person with a panic attack
  • What is a panic attack from a scientific point of view?
  • What are the symptoms of a panic attack?
  • Tom also shares his horrible experiences with panic attacks before he became a panic and anxiety coach.
  • How he coped with his personal experience of a panic attack
  • Effects of typical panic attack medications

The next time you feel a panic attack, try to do what Tom shared with us in the video interview. 

Remind yourself that these panic attacks don’t last forever. Moreover, remind yourself that you’re safe and in a comfortable environment. Additionally, you can get through this. Focus on your breathing, and try to relax. If necessary, you can also use other relaxation techniques such as mindful meditation, visualization techniques, muscle relaxation, or other techniques that help you calm down and relax will also help you get through panic attacks.

The truth is that these types of panic attacks can be influential and overwhelming, which is why you might be experiencing them. 

women experiencing panic attack

We all have triggers; these include emotional memories, smells, sounds, or even thinking something or someone is dangerous.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Take care and have a great day!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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