What Trainers Should Focus In On

What Trainers Should Focus In On

I am down here in sunny and windy San Diego at a Fitness Mastermind. Bedros is a Fitness Mastermind.

I was able to pull Bedros out of the meeting and do a quick video with him because I wanted him to talk about the most important things to build your training business that most trainers don’t do or focus enough time on.

So Bedros, I will get you to introduce yourself and kind of share those two things that trainers that want to build a business need to focus on and master.

Bedros Keulian: Alright. Hey everybody, I am Bedros Keulian and I am a fitness marketing coach. I help personal trainers grow their business and get more clients and win their freedom.

In addition to being a great trainer, delivering results, and giving your clients an exceptional experience in your Bootcamp or personal training studio or if you go to their homes, you’ve got to deliver those things, those are the fundamental things.

But the two biggest variables that most trainers miss out on when they want to grow their business, it’s not about more education or more certifications or building your brand, it is really about marketing and being a great marketerattracting needs, getting prospects into your funnel, getting those people to know why they can trust you.

What I want you to do is as you get those leads into your funnel, and you can do that through Facebook, you can do that through direct mail, and you can do that by building your email list, once you’ve got leads and prospects into your funnel the number one thing is to sell them or to close them.

Not just to be an order taker but you can transfer the feelings you have about fitness and fat loss to the person across from you so they will say “yes, I will take it.” And not just selling to two, three, eight, or ten sessions at a time. We are talking about selling 6 to 12 programs.

So if you can sell, if you can market, then you’ve got the bases covered as long as you are an amazing trainer who adds value, delivers results, and gives your clients an amazing experience.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. Bedros, where can people get more information about you?

Bedros Keulian: You can get more information about me at How to Close 9 out of 10 Clients.

Rick Kaselj: Awesome. So this is Rick Kaselj from sunny and windy San Diego with Bedros. If you are watching this on YouTube, head up above and hit subscribe, it will give you videos like this every couple of days where I kind of talk doing interviews and talk about exercise and injuries.

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